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  • Well, if it is summer in Germany, for example, and you then walk from the north to the south and then seek shelter in the mountains. What if you then have to climb to heights where there is snow. -.- That's crazy, I hope it never happens. 😫
  • Speaking of maps I've been around the world and always get the local maps...Especially for camping and touring...I've been to Bavaria, but looking at my map collection I have found two German/Austrian region maps, one is Berchtesgadener - Topographische Karte 1 : 50,000..It's the Alpen region of southern Deutschland, near Bad Reichenhall...It also shows the Osterreich border and Salzburg, to the north...So parts of both countries are on the map...

    The other map I collected was a different trip, and it's Möhnesee im Naturpark Arnsberger Wald....Wanderkarte 1 : 25,000.....

    And Bad Reichenhall has some great hotels...I enjoy staying in a small Gasthof...and then out into the forests...
    bad reichenhall - Bing
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  • Well it depends on the season, but there are 4-season tents.....All the standard kit, but one item people often overlook and suffer for it, is an insulation mat, for sleeping on....Very important, as the ground can get cold and the body suffers....But, cooking gear, spare matches, poncho for rain, firelighter, torch, ordnance survey map (scale 2cm to 1km) chemical light (snap and break type,) mat, binoculars, tent, a change of clothes, spare gloves, boots worn with thin inner socks, plus thick outer socks....this prevents blisters...a medical kit, if you do have a problem, good knife, an axe for chopping wood, rations, etc....
    Yes, the large rucksacks are OK, as they have numerous outer pockets for maps, compass...Albeit, better keep your compass on a lanyard, so it can't get lost...
    So much, but it depends on the season and what you are planning.....In snow you will need additional equipment..
  • 😱What if i must walk from Noth Germany to the South of Germany, because nothing what needs energy would work? Oh, no !      🤪 ok I continue my Training Sports...
  • And I thought i be Crazy.
  • Yes Drek Omega, collect Water from were is a good Question. Maybe there are things to learn about and need knowing about what we need for. If you have a Bag, what put in? My Bag is a Large one for Outdoor Wandering.
  • I came to earth especially for such a situation. i have a mission Try to prepare for it. Don't know where my group is. Haven't met any of them yet. Wouldn't it be stupid to meet before an upcoming mission to be better prepared. never say never Things happen here on earth every day that are very often unpredictable. The situation in the burning forests is serious. The situation was out of control! What nonsense to believe that in certain countries like Germany no catastrophe will ever take place. Germany will sink under water. Imagine standing on the Alps mountains and where you used to look into the valley, you only look at the open ocean! Guys I know you think I'm crazy, but that's why I was born again. We are here to guide and help you. The first step would be to prepare yourself for possible disasters caused by fire or water, that might help your survival. I hope that as many people as possible manage to survive, because in the future there will be too many ghost towns as I've heard.
  • Yes, a camping kettle is always useful....You can collect and boil rain water, or obtain water from a running spring. Then use puri-tabs...Mountain water is often clean....You will need water for your meals, as well...But in a cold camping scenario, a good cup of coffee or tea, is great for morale..It's more than physical, it's psychological.....Especially in winter....And of course, make sure you are wearing dry trousers, and/or have a change of clothing, if one set gets wet....There is a material called Gore-tex, which is waterproof and breathable....
    For myself I always use military gear...
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  • Gosh anyone says something different. What is really need? For real it can't be to much, of cause!
    We never know if any War or Kathastroph begins, so i start think about be ready. Remember these Fire we got everywhere or what about Japan's Tsunami. It was horrible! Did you see how fast a Tsunami is? Fukishima got no Rocks around right? It would be a great help if can go up any Rocks. Inside you're maybe save from Fire, too. But i see it would be very hard to esc. when there is no energy to use anymore, cause it's broken and omg when the Cars would no drive. I got a Moutainbike.. maybe a option !!!
  • Yes, such firelighting tools are always useful in survival situations. But you must remember to use tinder for your fire....It could be wood shavings, in small dry amounts, to get the sparks to set fire to larger pieces of dry wood, which you feed the fire with...
    Yes tinder boxes that produce sparks are better than matches...Especially if it's windy...A match can be blown out in one gust of wind, but the sparks will be great firestarters...But in general, select a site for your camp, out of the wind....Maybe using a windbreak, which is natural, or one erected, for the camp...Even a tarp or poncho, may help....
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