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  • The vaccination with the vaccine from Biontech and Moderna had no effect on my monthly menstrual cycle and i am 43 Years old. It was like that I hadn't had my menstruation at all for a few months anyway. But that was the case even before the vaccination against the corona virus. I have now received 3 vaccine doses. 2x Biontec and 1 half dose of Modena. After the first vaccination with the Biontec vaccine, I felt a slight pulling in the ovaries. At Modena I only had a slightly elevated temperature of about 37°C for about 10 minutes. I also had pain in the muscle afterwards as with every injection, but that was all. I have never had an infection with the coronavirus. The government had assigned me to the risk group for a severe course of illness in the case of a coronavirus infection and given me masks. The fact is that I haven't had anything until now, except for a rare feeling of weakness, as if someone were suddenly sucking off my energy. Maybe that's the truth. I know that negative spirits are capable of this and that draining energy can damage the aura and then one can become ill. I then endeavored to build up and purify the aura. Has worked well so far. My lungs self-destructed when I was 10 years old. This is called pulmonary emphysema. By the time I was 12, the air sacs in the lungs had regenerated, which was clinically impossible and perhaps cannot really be explained to this day. I love it when science reaches its limits and something cannot be explained!
  • 40.2% is a lot!

    I have heard stories from women in their thirties who have or had an irregular menstrual cycle after the vaccination(s). Some of them may still want children.

    I made another observation: where I live it were mostly women/mothers who were aggressively defending the COVID restrictions and later the vaccinations. But when their (young) children could get a vax appointment, a large percentage of them decided not to have their children vaccinated.

    The motivation to defend the COVID mandates was either based on fear: they were worried to catch the virus or they wanted to protect the elderly and physically vulnerable people around them.

    A smaller amount of them were ‘trusting the science’. Because doctors, experts and scientists always know better, they studied at the most prestigious universities, etc. etc.
  • Unfortunately I must return to the downbeat topic of covid vaccines, as a new study reveals that a sample of 40.2% women, have vaccine side-effects on menstrual cycle...So we can project this to the world and propose that many millions of women, world-wide, have had their potential fertility impacted by taking one or more shots...😷🧬💉💉💉

    Women are more than just the fair sex... Being ESSENTIAL for Human physical plane expression and we love and care about them, whether they be wives, girlfriends, partners, nieces, sisters, mistresses, mums, daughters or aunts...A woman is complete when she has a child, or children, and/or has that fertility potential....Without that potential and ability to conceive and deliver, a new life, many women, maybe most, depending on individual values, will feel a hole in their incarnational experiences, without that natural talent....Being pregnant and delivering a healthy baby, or babies....👶👶🤰👼

    Without this ability to conceive and deliver life, there is no Humanity living on Earth....So it is very, very important....🤱👼

    "It was young women, college students, forced to get the Covid vaccine to return to school... these people have been heavily impacted."
    "National Pulse's Natalie Winters reacts to a study revealing 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect of the Covid jab."
  • She is very beautiful....And as I have mentioned before, because we Earth people find this natural attraction present among those off-world people (they are people, like us,) it is one sound confirmation, among several, that we are related, as familiy...They are space kin...
    This is also the case with Lyrans, Andromedans and Sirians and humans within many other as cosmic colonists....

    On Earth we have an historical parallel, with the British Anglo-Saxon/Celtic race and several Anglospheric nations, far flung, across the globe...Including the USA.

    As above, so below....!!

    In origin terms, we are all galactic humans..👏😍
  • This Shuttle (UFO) i really feel like it do know it. Feels like Home or something... and i know for 100 % it is real. That a Galactic Federation Shuttle. Looks like a Mirror from outside or like chrome.

    Billy Meier. You know my Grandmothers Brother named Willi Meier. Sounds a littelbit like Billy Meier. ;), wonder why.
    Semjase reminds me my Mother when i was a Child. :)
  • Yes, I would like to view or read about anything about UFOs etc that is of scientific interest. But I need to find time to watch lots of vids online all at once so it may not consume too much bundles. I need around 1 hour of watching vids only.

    Whenever it is possible, I prefer to read something rather than watch someone merely talking. Apart from needlessly eating lots of data, I often have trouble hearing what they are saying! I am not good at hearing English. I am good at reading it.
  • Message for Roaring Lovely.....Hi my friend, would you like to view a video on the subject of scientific analysis of medical effects on persons, due to close encounters with "UFO" craft...?? Agarther Z posted it at marker August 3, 2022 at 9:38pm....Then maybe report back on here, what you conclude....It should be an eye opener for all science guys, like yourself...

    As we have discussed before, there is a need for a helpful cross-pollination between disparate science disciplines and the sharing of results, between all, providing a more holistic picture.....Cheers, Drekx
  • Actually, much of Klaus Schwab's agenda has been exposed to the light of day, to such a degree, that nobody is now dismissing the possibility of an "elite globalist conspiracy," as they did, a few years back....As now, it is plainly obvious....And many are online learning of it....Researching it, etc...
    We have known it for decades, but some are truly believing us now...

    And that is good, because it means that if Klaus suddenly announced an "ET threat," then most people would side with us.....Rather than the evil globalists that Klaus represents...

    The logic being that if the WEF is against something, or someone, than that target must be good...
    Like when the fake news condemn Trump.... who believes them now, apart from the dedicated agitators...?? MSM ratings are rock bottom...People are turning off the propaganda...and seeking real news, elsewhere.....On places like ACC..?? ;-)

    This is an awakening process.....

    If the WHO were to announce that "all must stay at home, to fight a new variant," I believe that many people, maybe most, will defy them....People are already angry with these globalist machinations.....The cost of living crisis. Inflation...People are trusting "experts," less and less...

    I understand that the new PM in the UK is against lockdown policy....So both cases; some politicians and general public, are waking up....A turning tide....We still have globalists in positions of power, but they sit in childish "sand castles," melting in sea water...

    The "climate emergency" is also being questioned more...Well, in certain countries, a U-turn is being conducted....They realise people cannot afford EVs and heat pumps, etc...And will resist their compulsion......The tide is turning against the globalists....
    Soon Macron, Rutte and Trudeau will be overthrown.....These clowns are booed in public...Not long now...

    Where food production is concerned, history always teaches us that shortages cause revolutions against poor leaders....Especially corrupt ones, who sneer at the public..."Let them eat cake...!!" Modern day versions of Marie Antoinette....Well, Trudeau reeks of spite of being a bloke (of

    Would you buy an electric car from this man...?? lol
  • Blaming the ‘aliens’ is also on Schwab’s agenda. The elites may not roll out all of their scripts, but they have been busy this year. COVID BS, Climate BS and igniting war after war…
  • but the best approach is to stay critical till we have first contact, maybe the cabal bring up this disclosure only to stay on top, time will tell
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