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  • It burdens American tax payer and demeans a European! Essentially, it says unless Europe is constantly threatened with an external enemy, then it cannot stay together in peace'. Include Russia in the 'peace map', so that there is no 'external enemy' any more, and Europe will revert to its ww1, ww2 or even colonialistic history. 'That is their nature', the NATO says, 'and so it is the responsibility of the American tax payer to force peace in that irresponsible place called 'Europe'!
  • Even with that, Ukraine could simply agree to put the 'no joining NATO' in its constitution with the condition that Russia put 'no attacking Ukraine' into its constitution too, and the war ends! It is very simple, and that is why I said history will judge Europe! What complicates it is this NATO monster that needs its as$ kissed by Europeans as 'the only condition for peace in Europe'.😆
  • The cheapest way to avoid war with Russia is just to maintain a good relationship with Russia. No need to join NATO! All these countries near Russia are not in NATO: Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, North/south Korea, Japan, Israel, Lebanon, Belarus, Georgia, Afghanistan etc. They are not and they will never be in NATO. How then can they try to convince you that suddenly, if you just to the west, Russia will eat you up unless you are in NATO?

    NATO is useless , dangerous, needlessly expensive way of trying to avoid war with Russia!
  • The good thing is that anyone can stear this wall☺
  • FAO that large and welcome tranche of new ACC members who arrived, recently....Don't mind us chatting politix, it's just our passionate banter....We love to chat about current events...On this thread we chat about just about anything and everything, so don't mind if we deviate from the metaphysical material....We love it all....and all is spirit...shining light on dark corners...

    BTW...another thing we do on this thread, is we will sometimes post a nice music vid, to set a mood, sharing our feelings and thoughts, freely....Feel free to place your own music, or ideas, thoughts, here...We do enjoy such community shares....It makes for a good party...😄
  • Aye! Let's get rid of all the money-wasting Org's. on our payroll, it's about time we cleaned up our own mess that we have turned a blind eye to. Wasted too long, lets's get this for our people.
  • Yep, exactly!☺ When there was no nail anymore, what was the purpose of continuing to carry a very heavy hammer in the side pockets?

    It is a shame that, thanks to NATO, Europe could not prevent the current mess in Ukraine. History will judge Europe harshly, reverberating through several generations.😕
    11 Of The Most Notable Reactions To The Supreme Court Decision To Overturn Roe
    Many people believed that the Supreme Court would never overturn Roe. v. Wade, but now it has happened.  It is one of the biggest political developme…
  • Nato is an org of stuffed suits-they get paid to do almost nothing. And -what a surprise-it;s 80% funded by US taxpayers-as is the UN-so much insanity-its time to shift to an alternate world permanently
  • NATO is well passed it's sell by date and festering in the kitchen, making for a terrible stink...
    I think that Finland and Sweden should not join this "HMS Titanic" style of collective debacle....

    I would prefer the UK to leave NATO and forge new alliances, that actually suit our national interests, rather than the post WW2, US led, western block's interests...All this "free world" tripe really needs to be exposed, as the illusion it has certainly become....
    Maybe during the actual cold war, NATO countered the Warsaw Pact....But now, it has become a liability and tool for globalism...

    Great Britain should return to the policy of splendid isolation.....We're sick of wiping Europe's arse......Well the people are...The elites want us to wipe Europe's arse forever, it seems...
    Splendid isolation
    Splendid isolation is a term used to describe the 19th-century British diplomatic practice of avoiding permanent alliances, particularly under the go…
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Not a dream...

Hello everyone! This is my first time writing and posting in here, but I need your help, if someone could take of his/her time to read this, and help me to decipher it, I will be thankful. So thank you in advance.Ok today when I was trying to…

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Sananda, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - YOU ARE IN THE MIDST RIGHT NOW OF A GREAT CHANGEOVER via James McConnell

ANCIENT AWAKENINGSSunday Call 8/7/2022 (Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell YOU ARE IN THE MIDST RIGHT NOW OF A GREAT CHANGEOVER Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self These messages were…

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