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  • 𝒜𝒩 不滅 said:
    "Almost as if you two would have a private chat here. I don't find it really interesting. Ben-Arion, if someone is really looking for help, it doesn't seem to be here."

    My reply:
    This is not our fault. When only two pple find themselves posting on the wall, and you don't like it, it is the fault of those who are NOT posting anything here, not those who are posting it!
  • What I mean is 'reputation as compared to other countries..' etc. UK is not 'good' in the sense that if someone get there, he automatically get rich. This is the kind of silliness that fuels immigration to UK, and maybe it is good if UK clarifies this to young pple around the world when it advertises itself, as a measure to reduce incentive to immigrate to UK.

    Of course when the misguided ambitious guy reach UK, and fail to find the opportunity he thought was a guarantee, he resorts to criminal activities. It is not his fault. He was lied to throughout as he grew that 'go to UK and all your problems will be solved', and this lie comes from the Britons themselves through their medias visits and movies! Hope you get my point.
  • Almost as if you two would have a private chat here. I don't find it really interesting. Ben-Arion, if someone is really looking for help, it doesn't seem to be here.
  • Of course, Britain wants to attract talented foreigners and we send the signal that we are open for business...Many companies and financial institutions like to base themselves here. London especially...This annoys the French and Germans, because they thought that after Brexit, everyone would prefer to base themselves in Paris, or Frankfurt and they got shocked when most did not and we increased investments here, etc...
    London still leads the world and people trust us....So yes, we have this reputation, and also seek talented GENUINE refugees, who might want to arrive and live here...

    Our dispute is mainly with ILLEGAL MIGRANTS coming over here and gaming our social services, housing stock and NHS...So if we appear like "baddies" to the criminal elements and deter them, that will make us happy, for sure...😆
    canary wharf - Bing images
  • Oh! I have now checked a bit on the deportation to Nigeria! UK 's main aim is to deter immigration a cross the English channel. But I must say that a threat to take a Nigerian back to Nigeria will not necessarily deter such immigration. To understand why, compare it with a goalkeeper punching the ball way back into the field, or even the possibility of a formidable counter attack . It does not deter attackers from trying to score, of course.😆

    The thing that can work (and I am sure it will) is that pple will change how they think about Nigeria, Rwanda etc, hence they will slowly cease to see UK as 'a good country to immigrate to'. If pple try to flee from 'bad' into 'good' countries, and UK don't like such, then UK should simply stop its hypocritical rampant advertising itself as a 'good' country and should portray itself more honestly. This will be a powerful way of reducing immigrants.
  • So people while you think about politics, there are completely different problems in the world.

    Times of Awakening!

    Check thier You Tube Channel. They did Recoding Spider Aliens and think is a Monster. I think there are shadow manifestations or maybe from other Planet? These Videos are old.
  • I realy like this UK deal with these African countries. It is inline with the revolution in Africa, often spearheaded by Rwanda. It is crucial for Africa not to be perceived as only 'the source of problems', but at least sometimes, 'the source of solutions', even if it means stomaching something! This is Rwanda's way of thinking, and it is gaining momentum!
  • Yes, Rwanda rocks and is moving fast....Moves have already been put in place, to sign Nigeria up to a similar deal, to Rwanda....Our old imperial friends...;-) There are so many commonwealth African nations, we in the UK are spoilt for choice, with our deals and potential deals, with Africa....
    Actually, yesterday we sent 30 French "boat people" over to Nigeria, by air....The absurd ECHR did not manage to intervene and stop that trip...I cant see much press coverage...But that is a start....
    We should also increase our trade with African partners....Great potential..
  • Drekx,
    I agree that those seeing Rwanda as a 'bad place for immigrants' have an out dated view of Rwanda. Perhaps there are still in 1990s!

    Modern Rwanda have amazed many people with what it can do
    But I admit that even in 1990s, it surprised pple by, being so tiny, nevertheless invaded Congo, a giant country, to boot Mobutu out of it, , sort of like Armenia invading Russia to overthrow Putin!
  • 'Developed' vs 'developing' is problematic or simplistic. Rwanda is now using drones to deliver some medical stuffs (and some othrr baffling achievements using IT). So it is developed in this sense. So being specific is more meaningful (it helps the electorates better). Specify what it is that you have 'developed' and what it is that still needs to be developed.
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