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  • 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 , who is this "someone else" who told you he "knows your soulmate..??" Frankly and as my friend, ET Hugger, intimates, a soulmate shares your soul ray energy vibration, at a resonance within a given ray...Depending on your evolutionary point, you would be in the same ashram....
    I also sense that you are of the 6th ray type of expression...Your sacrifice for the orphaned children.Your devotion to God and Christ is most present in your commentaries...This may be reflected at soul level, or may simply be demonstrated at levels within your personality ray...

    A good question for you, which may help you answer the question about your so-called, soul mate....The one you say is "cursed" and "turned into a woman..." Is he of a similar devotion to yourself...?? Is he fixated by a cause, or a religious conviction, which eclipses all other assessments...?? If not, he is probably not your soulmate, nor personality-mate, he would not particularly resonate with you and share with you, any sentiments for your beliefs, or similar beliefs, religious or political...Is he prepared to sacrifice an aspect of himself, for you..? Obviously he shocked you on the old boat trip in Hamburg...A soulmate would, or should, inspire, comfort, reassure, support, resonate, have empathy, etc...

    Is your "soulmate" of this type..?

    "Under the Sixth Ray the individual leaves the either/or realm and finds the light in the middle of the path. With fiery enthusiasm he gets behind others, projecting his efforts for their progress. Once committed to a cause he is faithful to the end. His idealism is practically spent. So ardent is his single purpose that he has the power to evoke response in others."
    The Seven Rays-  Ray Six - Devotion/Idealisgm
  • Soulmates = same soul Ray?
    Or shared past lives?
    Or both?

    Although the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism will be outphased, the energy of this Ray can still be applied. It depends on how the energy is used.
  • Soulmate means that you come from the same soul family. There is a soul connection between me and my soulmate because we have a child.That´s something someone else told me on Internet Chat. He say he knows my Soulmate. If that's the truth, it would be silly, since each spirit only has to attack one person to infect the other via soul connection. Can you sever a soul connection? No, is my answer. Only God, the giver of all life, can do that. He is also the only one who can break every curse. I know my soulmate is cursed. I saw him touch the water and turn into a woman. He was on a boat in town. It was in Hamburg, Germany. A so-called old boat trip.
  • As if it change anything. There is no point in just discussing and philosophizing about it. I can't think of anything else about that. Since I know that news sometimes spread lies, i deal much less with the news. These idiots of the so-called Elite never change.
    Who is talking about guilt? You talk about what you hear and give up your opinion, which is useless i think.
  • Ha!,...,and I don't always get to make anyone talk here at all, infact 不滅 often can stear the wall better than me, so I don't understand why she said such. Be it in threads, on the wall and in blog posts, ppl often ignore my posts!😆 The last 3 days were my days here.☺
  • Come now 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅, Roaring and myself are active participants on this wall, as we have a lot to say and share...Yesterday, we discussed the problems surrounding NATO and two other members (Alan & AlternateEarth) chipped in with their supporting resonance....That's the way it works. People can chime in when they wish....

    Neither Roaring nor myself seek to stop anyone else coming on and contributing...Sorry I didn't reply to your puppet vid, with the stick monster, but I did not find it of interest...I do find my chats with Roaring of interest, so that is how it goes...

    This practice should be allowed on this thread....Yesterday I spelt the basis of these practices out, to all the new tranche of members...Anyone and everyone is welcome to chime in, with vids, thoughts, ideas...Nobody can be guaranteed that others will reply, but I suggest that members get in the spirit and contribute, anyway....But only if they want to....Regards, Drekx
  • 𝒜𝒩 不滅 said:
    "Almost as if you two would have a private chat here. I don't find it really interesting. Ben-Arion, if someone is really looking for help, it doesn't seem to be here."

    My reply:
    This is not our fault. When only two pple find themselves posting on the wall, and you don't like it, it is the fault of those who are NOT posting anything here, not those who are posting it!
  • What I mean is 'reputation as compared to other countries..' etc. UK is not 'good' in the sense that if someone get there, he automatically get rich. This is the kind of silliness that fuels immigration to UK, and maybe it is good if UK clarifies this to young pple around the world when it advertises itself, as a measure to reduce incentive to immigrate to UK.

    Of course when the misguided ambitious guy reach UK, and fail to find the opportunity he thought was a guarantee, he resorts to criminal activities. It is not his fault. He was lied to throughout as he grew that 'go to UK and all your problems will be solved', and this lie comes from the Britons themselves through their medias visits and movies! Hope you get my point.
  • Almost as if you two would have a private chat here. I don't find it really interesting. Ben-Arion, if someone is really looking for help, it doesn't seem to be here.
  • Of course, Britain wants to attract talented foreigners and we send the signal that we are open for business...Many companies and financial institutions like to base themselves here. London especially...This annoys the French and Germans, because they thought that after Brexit, everyone would prefer to base themselves in Paris, or Frankfurt and they got shocked when most did not and we increased investments here, etc...
    London still leads the world and people trust us....So yes, we have this reputation, and also seek talented GENUINE refugees, who might want to arrive and live here...

    Our dispute is mainly with ILLEGAL MIGRANTS coming over here and gaming our social services, housing stock and NHS...So if we appear like "baddies" to the criminal elements and deter them, that will make us happy, for sure...😆
    canary wharf - Bing images
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