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  • (June, 2022)
    What were those mysterious lights seen across San Diego?
    What were those mysterious lights seen across San Diego?
  • 😘
  • Thank you Drekx Omega for your welcoming!
  • I see that a large tranche of new ACC members have arrived today......Welcome to you all...May your contributions be freely made, with unrestrained spiritual strength....📢

    Or as my Sirian kin and Federation comrades say; "selamat balik...!!" 💕🛸🛸🛸💕

    "Selamat kasijaram zau..!" (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏
  • They should do something cause some pple read threads or even blog posts to follow the comments and replies. So they don't like those with 'zero replies'.
  • Yes, the replies counter shows 0...It should read 96 views (and counting,) with 7 replies (so far.)

    And the last comment, etc...(Just you, myself and KK, making comments.) See if others want to contribute to his forum...I'll post the link to it...
    Technical fault...??
    Inside the giant flying hotel that will ferry 5,000 people through the sky and never land
    Cool real cool  @
  • take note of this:

    "0 Replies · Reply by Roaring Lovely 14 hours ago
    Views: 90".😆
  • Something is wrong with 'number of replies' indications in both threads and blog posts here. 'zero replies' and then 'last reply by Roaring lovely'?

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    Inside the giant flying hotel that will ferry 5,000 people through the sky and never land
    Cool real cool @

    Read more…
    Started by Krishna Kalki in Alternative Media, World Events & News
    0 Replies · Reply by Roaring Lovely 14 hours ago
    Views: 90
    Inside the giant flying hotel that will ferry 5,000 people through the sky and never land - Superca…
    The flying hotel, dubbed the Sky Cruise, will be piloted by artificial intelligence and be powered by 20 nuclear-powered engines.
  • In the video on my blog, named; "Rods: the Smoking Gun Evidence," the investigator into "rods" filmed them both in Mexico, a cave for base-jumping and also in Norway, again for base-jumping shots....They are, of course, the same creatures and are actual devas, of the angelic types....These vary from 6-inches, to 7-feet...
    They are all over the planet and on other planets, in which the symbiotic relationship may be nourished...So wherever there is sentient life, devas abound...They live with humans on Earth, even though most never know of their presence...

    The investigators will never catch these devas, on the lowest three aethers and when devas die, their bodies naturally enter the higher aethers...So evidence is difficult......It is an interesting truism, which I cannot prove to you, but will suggest that the lack of a body, for such an abundantly present and filmed creature, has to be explained....and that is the explanation..

    Our definition of this parallel kingdom species, is that if it's less than 6-inches, the deva is of the fairy type...More than this length, of the angelic type....And there is a behaviour and ability difference, between both these types of devas....On close examination, they are covered in silvery-grey scales, like a fish and there are two fins, that undulate, making it appear to be four, or six, or eight......These fins are aetheric antenna and are able to harness planetary vril, or aetheric energy...So they create a vector propulsion through an electro-gravitic field, rather than through flight aerodynamics...They do this naturally...
    Thus the acceleration is much greater than the most powerful of birds.....And they are enveloped in plasma, but of a lesser flux density, than vimana space craft....But enough to protect them from friction burns, as they flit through the atmosphere, at massive accelerations...

    Another scientific point, which will be difficult for the investigators to prove, is that these angelics do not require to eat food, nor do they breathe air....They are sustained by their natural ability to draw in vast amounts of planetary vril, or aetheric energy....The very life force that keeps the planet itself, alive..

    Their cosmic counterparts, known as archangels, time lords and elohim, are much bigger and stronger and of a higher order of super-consciousness....They travel in space, as naturally as a whale travels under water, in an ocean...These great beings feast on solar vril.....which sustains their activities in space...
    They may even share their energies with fellows and conduct a docking ritual in space, to aid each other, when in inter-galactic space....Much as divers share their aqua lung oxygen, when one is short...

    The chap in the video below, believes that rods (angelic devas) are "moths." In spite of the fact that his footage reveals exactly the same body type as many others who have taken shots, often in cold environments, such as Norway, where insects may not find the experience that survivable...High altitude mountains in Norway tend to be cold...

    But that is OK if he wishes to believe they are moths...I wonder if he has counted the number of legs..?? lol
  • Dear Ben Arion,
    Your messages I am not receiving...any problem ?
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"Andromeda is coming"
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"A version of a sucessful japanese song done in 1968 by the brazilian musical group Os Incriveis.

Os Incriveis - Kokorono-niji

And the original japanese song:

Kokorono-Niji (original)"
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                                       I tell you something, beloveds. When in Egypt, at the foot of the Sphinx of the desert, I was entrusted with the solemn mission of teaching humanity this science, I was also warned about all these scandals,…
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"Frankly I don't give a hoot if you believe in Sirius, or not....But I will speak out when you CONSTANTLY place junk on the thread, about deranged morons who have watched too many sci-fi shows and gone completely insane...Like this crazy Gerald…"
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