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  • The Elohim are the ultimate space faring race....The race of the devic kingdom....They serve the divine edicts of Logoic beings, of the Heavenly councils....They are responsible for the body of creation, itself...Just as, on a microcosmic scale, the devas within our own bodies, maintain the various tiers of bodily energies...So it is with the universe, with it's many galactic forms...
    The Elohim, unlike ourselves and Ascended Masters/Galactic Humans, do not require to live on planets...nor motherships....The Elohim is it's own natural "space ship." It is totally independent of the need to live in a planetary biosphere...It is self-contained in it's service to the Plan of God...But ever ready to serve in co-operation, with those who work for that plan, among the parallel kingdom. The Logoi, Kumaras, Ascended Masters, etc...Even human beings may call upon these angels...

    The Elohim work alongside the Galactic Federation, but are actually a parallel evolution to our own...That of the devas, time lords, angels and archangels...The smallest devas are sub atomic, with low consciousness. The higher Archangelics are super consciousness and totally inhuman, in appearance....Vast space-faring "rods," that vector interdimensionally, working to construct planets and suns, or destroy them.....They work to maintain the energies that allow form expressions, within the creation...

    Sometimes, fiction can inadvertently reveal a truth and an actual Archangel Elohim, mostly resembles the "robot destroyer," in an episode of Star Trek...Albeit, without the gaping mouth, that shoots out a

    They are miles in length, with silvery-grey scales, like a large fish.....A cylindrical body/hull...
    They do not breath air and are at home in space...
  • As far as I know. The Elohim are especially familiar with light. There are some technical inventions for the use of light, from the Elohim, which can be found on Earth. I don't know exactly which devices, but there are some from the Elohim.
  • Important to remind members that true angels are not humanoid, in appearance...They are rod-shaped beings, with small fins and can vector in time and space, electro-gravitically...Their cosmic counterparts are the Arch-Angels, Time Lords and Elohim...Much vaster in scale, and equally inhuman in appearance...
    To aid comprehension I shall use this Baroque orchestra...within a building of Baroque architecture...
    We can suggest that the harpsichord maestro is a "Galactic Logos." His will and talents conduct the overall performance and he "channels" the composition genius of the composer, who is akin to the "Universal plan."
    Each of the various musicians are lesser "Logoi," of suns and planets, who contribute their talents to the overall movement....Some of these musicians are more central than others. Some are "Logoi" and some are "Buddhas." Some are "Ascended Masters."

    Now, this figurative exercise in parallel, also describes the "devic kingdom," as the manufacturers of the suits, forms, instruments, artworks, furniture and the buildings walls and complete structure...The architects...
    The Elohim are the greater architects, the angels, time lords, fairies and arch-angels, are the builders of those instruments and artworks, within the vast room...
    G7 summit in Elmau, Germany: More than a show? | DW | 26.06.2022
    The G7 leaders want to fight the climate crisis, hunger and war. But is that even within their power? Some deny it, while others say more action is n…
  • The two are not incompatible at all. For instance the other day I was reading of 'worries' about Saudi and even now Israel etc reducing dollars and opting for yuans etc. Apparently when it comes to dollar losing its international value, what comes to minds first is not even the livelihoods of Americans. They are more concerned about losing the ability to coerce other countries through sanctions!! Is this the good reason to get rich?
  • That is why the wars that USA fight are often absurd and cannot possibly be approved by the majority of citizens. What will an average American gain from toppling a Talibani government in Afghanistan? Is it that important as to worth the trillions of dollars it coasted? Of course not! The only reason pple can abuse such amount of money is that it solely benefits the 1% of the Americans that are in control. The rest have to pay for it!!
  • That the USA earns money with war is not to be approved. Besides, the people of the country get nothing from it. The government needs it for themselves. The thing is they put it in their own pockets and none of the people know it. Can't really prove it, just heard about it, but if that's the truth and that's coming out, people will protest about it. After all, it is the right of the people in the state.
  • the cabal can't stand our hive mind LOL we see them
  • It is more likely that the government initiates a political dogma when it lacks money for its own wallet.
    U.S. rakes in huge fortune by profiteering from wars around the world - People's Daily Online
    (Cartoon by Ma Hongliang) After the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, the U.S. has constantl
  • 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 said: "In the future, you should invest in real estate and gold."

    Drekx response: I would say now, rather than wait for the future....Hard assets are real assets, so property is a good investment, as well as a place to live...I fully own my property, as the mortgage on it was paid off, years ago....If possible, be debt free....Of course, many cannot do this....And many young people are finding it difficult to get on the housing ladder's first rung...

    As for gold, absolutely.....I recommend bullion, rather than coins, as it can be kept
    in a pristine state, freshly minted, sealed and serial numbered...So more expensive for buyers, when you eventually sell...because of the quality....Coins can get dents and scratches.....I have sold gold coins and found many buyers will seek to drop the price, if they are imperfect...Gold sovereigns and half sovereigns, King George V, or Queen Victoria, as well as South African Krugerrands...
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