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  • Yes, i always use my Apple Watch or iphone to pay. Pay with no contact is working Perfect with the Apple Watch, it's even better as the Card. The Card sometimes need a very close no contact before it's working, but the Apple Watch just do it even if it's some centimeters more away from the Reading Device.
    AT the Monry Cash the no Contact from the Card never work. I try so many Times, it just not doing it, but it normaly have to. 🤷‍♀️
  • I find that card payments always work in shops...In the UK, anyway...I often use contactless card payments...Saves fumbling about for coins, or punching in your pin number...Albeit I do use cash, every so often...

    The cabal does want a new digital currency, centrally controlled...But we have alternatives that are far better, such as de-centralized bitcoin, leading to nations using their own gold-backed currencies, with which to trade...Russia is already using her Rouble (£1 is ₽80.74) when selling gas to other nations...Many are complying, which the central bankers hate, in the west...
    In effect Russia has put their currency on a new gold standard, which is sound money...₽5,000 (£45.12) for a gram of gold...
    I hope the British Pound follows this trend, once we have ousted the cabal's agents in London...

    Currently I'm collecting gold and silver bar ingots, while the price is low...It will skyrocket, when the fiat system is replaced....😁
  • Currently, card payment does not work in many shops. Do you always have to have cash at home?! There was a prophecy that said exactly that and you need cash. Maybe more of a plan?! It often doesn't work and then it does again. Does my dream have anything to do with it, did I have a premonition? A.I.'s do that? Malfunction in the system? Why should robots be interested in this? OK maybe not.
  • Evil
    DPS Chief Admits Officers Were Ordered To Stand Down In Uvalde Mass Shooting
    Disturbing details of the massacre revealed
  • Listen to this X22 report by Dave and as usual I recommend ignoring the often erroneous accompanying text and unrelated visual distractions and simply focus on his spoken words, only...This is the PLAN of the white knights unfolding, in the US and around the world.

    To get around YT censorship, Dave posts his reports with several channels and this is one such channel...


    The vid is above this post, as it would not allow embedding... - Welcome Clever People
  • The Ice is melting, because the Erth will do again a Pole Shifting. It's a normal Process. That is the reason for it and nothing really Climate Change, cause we living so bad and destroy Nature. Each Planet us do Pole Shifting from Time to Time.
  • SAN 不滅 said:
    "It sounds strange what they say, especially when you see how the majority of such people don't implement it themselves or only partially implement it."

    Drekx response:
    Yes I agree and we observe how these globalist advocates for "climate action," obviously do not really believe any of it, but want the people to....A good example (there are many,) would be Al Gore, the American politician who has been "predicting" the rise of sea levels, for twenty years and every prediction date failed to happen..It's all to do with his nutty notion that the ice caps are melting fast, and will cause many coastlines to disappear under water...California was supposed to be flooded by 2015...Didn't happen....Yet this clown and other globalist clowns, plus their cabal backers, double down with this blatant nonsense...

    So if Gore, Kerry, Gates and Obama actually believed in this rubbish, they tell other people to believe in, why on earth (shan) would they purchase beach front property...?? It is an obvious mental aberration, if they want to be taken seriously, or simply, they assume the public to be fools...

    See this link:
    Climate activists invest in property on beaches they say are disappearing
    From Bill and Melinda Gates to climate envoy John Kerry, climate activists have sounded the alarm about how melting ice will soon raise the ocean to…
  • it is advisable to have your own garden or balcony. It sometimes works in apartments too. I think it's certainly a wise investment to grow your own vegetables, or maybe some fruit, if you can. The different families have to stick together and support each other. Single people should try to associate with others, for example in a garden community, where you tend a garden together and harvest the crops. Some of the cities already have public gardens for the common use of residents. The WE wins in times like these. An example: A person has bought a garden (small garden/house with a garden) and others help to look after it and get a share of the proceeds. If You do this, You are role models for others. It will be 100 % Biologic and You control it. It's all a Question of trust.
  • Many thanks to our brothers and sisters of the Pleiadians, who have already neutralized most of the radioactive radiation with their ships. Thanks to you, EVERYONE is living here a little longer.

    We must love these Pleiadians.

    Maybe we can heal SHAN.
    :( Not many Humans left.. But I believe, together we can!
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