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  • @Drekx: Serbia is part of the Non-Aligned Movement, which is a forum of 120 countries, after the United Nations, it is the largest grouping of states worldwide, and it is the best approach to the geopolitical situation for Serbia, I believe
    URAAA! :)
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  • Uuuurrraaa....Serbia...!!✌️ And as for Finland and Sweden joining NATO....? Looks like Turkey will veto their
    Western sanctions against Russia, are so counterproductive...Rebounding in their silly globalist faces...
    Also, great to see that Serbs are wary of the EU.....In Britain many former remainers are realizing just how corrupt that awful body is...and Brexiteers are being vindicated...
    Just observe Brussels/Dublin shenanigans over the NI Protocol and UK/EU trade deal...
    I say we stop pussyfooting around with Brussels and go full WTO trade....You can't deal with Euro-idealists with a grudge...
  • Latest polls from Serbia 🇷🇸✊✊✊

    82,1 against sanctions for Russia
    87,2 agains Serbia joining NATO
    84,7 against recognizing Kosovo in exchange for EU membership

    NATO didn't even manage to land forces there and Serbia fought alone entire NATO at that time

  • There's great pressure on Serbia to sanction Russia, you must know Serbia is the only country in Europe that has not done that 😁 for now we're independent 🙏
  • 🕊 May peace be restored on planet Earth! 🕊

    I still live in Wokonia, where the WEF agenda is actively pushed. Climate this and that, wind turbines and solar panels should cover every piece of land and thousands of new immigrants are imported to be placed into every nook and cranny, just because.

    @Agarther, what do the people of 🇷🇸 think about the EU, do they want to join? I saw that Vučić visited Germany:

    And there are plans for the western Balkans for an ‘energy transition’ and possibly other types of exploitation and abuse:

    Everyone should know: EU = BAD. In spite of the big bags of 💶💶💶 it’s wiser for every country not to sell their soul 🗽🗽🗽
  • yes, even "gods" fell in love with earth women in the ancient times ;)
  • I believe that although military conscription is not compulsory for women, in the Russian Federation, women make utterly gorgeous soldiers, when they do sign up. hehe...!!
    I love their uniforms and other bits, too....😘 From Russia with love....!!
  • Yes, thanks friend I did know this and approve....It should really dawn on the western and Ukrainian fake news, to stop pretending that Ukraine is winning, when they have been kicked up the arse so decisively, in Mariupol........Uuuuuurrrrrraaaaaaa.....!!👏😁
  • The territory of "Azovstal" is completely liberated - Russian Ministry of Defense

    Underground facilities of Azovstal, where the militants were hiding, came under the full control of the Russian armed forces - Russian Defense Ministry

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"My Body will remember it now 🤢, so I guess i am really done with 🍔🍟🍕🌭."
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"Guess i change my Ways now. I am work on me to do Sport, but i always got sick. 😒So nothing goes on and i still got my Pain in my Back each Day. 😑It is really a hard work.

My Plan is work on my Sport. I do when i can and want to eat clean, wich…"
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"OMG - that happened to me back in 2012 and I haven't had a McD burger since. Never could get the awful taste out of my mouth."
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"Actually, these McD burgers are so full of toxins, it's amazing that anyone is still eating them, without dissolving into a watery🍔😉"
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"Oh, guys. I got story for You. I was just eat a Burger at MC... D.. 🤫and 10 min. later i got Diarrhoea from it, really like Water. Some minutes later i sweat and feel really bad. Then all comes out 🤢🤮. So then i really got poisened from it.
My Body…"
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