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  • Uuuuuurrrrrraaaaaa....!! Russians kick Ukrainian arses on various battle fronts, while the west uses these mugs as cheap labour in sweat shops....
    And it's about time churches in my area stop flying the repulsive blue/yellow Ukrainian flag...
    Only the deep state really care about Ukraine.....And we know why....🤔

    I predict that when this operation is concluded, Russia will control east and south Ukraine, turning the Kiev rump, landlocked...Then Poland will take a bite, as will Hungary....By the time they have finished, Ukraine will be greatly reduced in size and officially neutral.....
  • At the same time still billions of💰💰💰 are sent to Ukraine. And Ukrainian refugees are being used as cheap laborers where I live. It’s embarrassing.

    It would be interesting to see what happens when some of the refugees start to see through the scam. Eastern Europeans tend not to trust the government so quickly as Western Europeans who trust in science, professors and higher educated journalists and politicians.

    The amount of trust and obedience in the western EU among ‘educated people’ is scary.
  • The Ukrainians might have "won" the Eurovision Song Contest (lol,) BUT, they just surrendered unconditionally, to Russian forces, in the Azovstal factory complex...While Russia continues offensive in Donbass.....
    So in summary, that is the Azovstal steel works and Nazi base in Mariupol......
    These Ukrainian soldiers will be sent to the Donetsk Peoples Republic, for detention....Around 8000 able-bodied soldiers and wounded, have surrendered...Many were killed in the shelling...

    The battle of Mariupol is effectively over and it was the single largest point of resistance, now neutralized....
    Without the essential economic asset in Mariupol, the maniacs in Kiev might as well give up...Lest they play a "Berlin Chancellery bunker," type game, which inevitably only leads to defeat...
  • Latest show news: Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest 😄

    Next: If this is rigged, what else is rigged?
  • He belongs to the Mongols.
    Atlantean root race?
    Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan (born Temüjin; c. 1162 – August 25, 1227) was the founder and first Great Khan (Emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest…
  • Of course, the Johnny Depp trial is a completely boring distraction from a real trial of salience, that of Sussmann, the cabal's minion...

    I believe that as the Sussman trial continues and exposes Hillary, as paymaster for the Russiagate hoax dossier, and Obama's role, the cabal will try more distractions, as they don't want the public primed on this Durham investigation material...
    Some were even claiming that Durham was a fictional character, UNTIL HE APPEARED...

    The showbiz Depp trial is deliberately being televised, (OJ Simpson style,) where as the real trial of interest and worth, is not being televised, though renderings may be made and no recording equipment in the court room...

    The cabal still assume the public to be so tranced by celebs, that they are not concerned with other matters, of greater importance..such as the Sussman trial and all the big knobs it pulls down with him...
  • I'm watching the hearing right now and let put it this way, at least they are oficially talking about UFO's, let's see where this is going
  • Dear members, On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. ET, the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee, chaired by Congressman André Carson (D-Ind.) will hold an open hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena. Following the open portion of the hearing, the subcommittee will hold a closed, classified briefing.
  • Genghis Khan? San-he destroyed one advanced culture after another, mass slaughter blood rituals, cannibalism-the Horde was a rolling horror machine and they left nothing to the world of any cultural value-absolutely nothing. Except pyramids of human skulls if that's valuable. I don't
    t mean anything personal to you.
  • 😷Damage from the covid vaccine still continues, around the world....And the death toll has been higher, as a result of censorship of any critique of the vax, so that people have been largely uninformed, who took one shot, or more...Two widows of victims discuss the insanity of covid vax poisoning.....and censorship against those who have been sceptical of the need for this particular vaccination...and sceptical of it's safety..

    My advice to anyone is not to simply jump into a black void, because a government "expert" tells you to do so....Always follow your own intuition, logic, knowledge, wisdom, instinct: FIRST.
    Even if the medical data is not conclusive, still, do not blindly follow an outer Earthly authority. Follow God, not government...😇

    Like Moses I shall carry a staff of Yahweh, with which to rule over Kings, Presidents, Bureaucrats and Prime Ministers, with.....The time will come when man's (and woman's) arrogance will be placed within check...

    "Vaccine damage: 'There has been no debate' | Vikki Spit and Charlotte Wright discuss censorship"
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