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  • 😵Why it's just there? I mean it's 2022 or not? Is it from a Game or something?,sides%20consisting%20of%20military%20alliances.
    World War III
      World War III (often abbreviated to WWIII or WW3), also known as the Third World War or the ACMF/NATO War, was a global war that lasted from Octobe…
  • Sussmann Trial Begins, and Durham's Russiagate Findings, with Devin Nunes.

    "Megyn Kelly is joined by Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, to talk about the Sussmann trial beginning yesterday, the latest on the Durham investigation, the state of Russiagate and the media, and more."
  • There is one Person on TickTock who say he wake up in 2027. In one of his Videos he Googles for the 3 World War and see when it happens. 2026-2053 and there is written it's because of an Nuclear Holocaust. So the Peapole he looking for are deth or in a Bunker under the Erth? So it's evrywere radioactivity were he is? In one Video he show, that he is feel sick. Do he is radioactiv irradiated?
    How to stop this war bevor this is going to happen?
  • This is about Radiation symptoms, in the case of nuclear radiation. Sounds almost like an infection with the coronavirus.
    Radiation sickness - Symptoms and causes
    Read about what happens when someone is exposed to high doses of radiation, and what you can do to prevent such exposure in an emergency.
  • friendly reminder: you can follow the hearing with 50 years delay, tomorrow 10 a.m. EST here ;)
  • Paradigm Research Group on twitter:
    Whatever your expectations the UAP hearing tomorrow is a major breakthrough and only the 1st in what will be many UAP hearings. If committee members acquit themselves well, show your appreciation. When winning making friends is even more important. #ufotwitter #Disclosuretwitter
  • I am everyone and also, no one....
  • Were you come from? I mean your Family. Some Japanese here ;) ? Love Japan for it's tradition to have Respect infront each other and bow..
  • My father (R.I.P. 2015) told me when he was still alive that we, i.e. only on my father's side, are Mongolians of Russian descent, whatever that may mean. His brothers say so too. I was told that we are related to Genghis Khan.
    My Mother and her Mother comes from Schleswig Holstein, well both born in Neumünster, this is in the Noth of Germany. You can see more from me on my Instagram, i am loveligth78on there. I can not posting here to many Pictures, of cause. ;). My Followers, duh.. is my 1/2 sis, we got the same Daddy, so 1/2 sis, I got 2 1/2 brothers, too. From second time my dad was married. You got to know me :) if were want be Family. :). Ashram ( from Norway, also, plus there is a second uncle from me living) is one of my uncles, I got about 6 (brothers from dad/one dies, too). tan_chas.. is my great uncle from London..(Oxford), hashed is distance familiar with me, too and also, guldber.., well there more of my Family and distance family.. just if you like to know them.. they are all nice :). Well some of them love to travel ;). When is the next AC Event in Germany, Hamburg? I come maybe :).
  • yes, the EU can only come up with some new "holograms" for the metaverse with no substance and without context in real politics lol
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"Channelling technology is a very good idea. After all why should we only channel a lecture about how to conduct our afairs on earth? There are humans who can advise us on such. But ET technology will truely be a unique benefit from a contact with…"
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"Yes, the pralaya weapons of great destruction...It actually means "dissolution," leading to "non-existence" (physically) and truly can destroy planets, suns and systems...There are even ancient Earth Sanskrit texts, of Hindu cosmology, that make an…"
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The Earth is grieving and her heart breaks, not for herself because she is resilient and strong. No, her heart is breaking for all of those who cannot ascend with her as her spirit rises out of the Third Dimension forever.Ascension has been long and…
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