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  • Do you know about?
    Sometimes i get the thought it's more a Plan than a Prediction.
    Baba Wanga you know.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) can go to HELL.....We defy you and will not take your orders, in the event that you get your power-grab treaty agreed.....🙄

    "This pandemic treaty is the greatest power grab any of us has seen in our lifetime, says Neil Oliver."
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) should be disbanded, not granted more powers over governments of nations...Of course, like Communists, Globalists/Fascists double down, when proven wrong....When they fail, they come back again...🙄

    So NO to any internationally "binding treaty," that forces a one-size-fits-all, global(ist) response to any future pandemic.....(A pandemic that these evil scum would seek to manufacture, again..)

    Russell Brand has his say on the matter and I largely agree with the sentiments expressed....
  • Can You see this?
  • Is it hopeless? What about? Guess maybe we need Hmm.. 🤔a Ashtar Command Congess Center here on Erth, in some Countrys 🤷‍♀️?
    Win trust by Human Contact? 🤝Like Esperanto 😘😇 (🤝Event)

    You know we become Frinds with our Ligthworkers? With Spacer, Space Brothers. Greedings to Sirius anyway. 🍀
  • If the majority of people wish you could show the ships, but everyone on Earth is not allowed to shoot, because that would only bounce off the schields and so only come back.
  • Ah yes, you may expect silliness from MSM, but I'm hoping Congress will get the bit between their teeth, to seek to obtain access to highly confidential cosmic top secret levels...
  • and it is such a vast subject one could project everything into it, when people are not informed! I only hope the MSM will not overblow it with fear. we'll see ;)
  • Agreed and I suspect that many Congressmen who consider themselves to be, "in legislative power," will grow to demand access to the high levels of classifications, that far outrank them, currently....
    It's about the egos within Congress noting that they are not actually privee to the many levels above top secret....At those higher levels, the true ET data is discussed....They will have to declass it first.....That would be a passion I would like to see garnered by Congress. It is like auditing the Fed....It must eventually be their passion to achieve.....
    This is not a learning curve for ET contactees, but rather a learning curve for the politically "powerful," who are actually powerless....This is their wake up call, not a call to arms...
    Their egos will demand that they know the answers......
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"These hieropgliphic texts if one cannot decode, the subconscious mind can. And would use it at a later time once the need arises. Same with the symbols and crop circles, we just need to view it and let the subconscious mind do the rest."
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"This is interesting stuff 🙂

Tribes in the desert for fourty years = Moses, his tribe(s) and offspring?"
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