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  • SAN,
    Medicine is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Like this verse from the bible suggest, plants are meant to be used for medicine. Many drugs are gotten by just extracting the curing chemical from the plant. So a 'natural remedy' vs 'taking pharmaceutical drugs' is a fallacy of false dichotomy. If you chew a certain leaf or a bark and find that it is healing. Not anything in that bark is healing. You can do more extractions. You can boil the bark and drink the soup etc. It is with such techniques that people create drugs. Rather than store the bulky leaves and tree barks, or eat alot of junk in search for only some chemicals try to extract the exact chemical from the plant.

    ◄ Ezekiel 47:12 ►
    Context Crossref Comm Hebrew
    Verse (Click for Chapter)
    New International Version
    Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.
  • A website about body language. Observing politicians is always interesting:
    Visit the post for more.
  • I have never had side effects from any medications or vaccinations. Sometimes I have been able to stop pain only with medication. Well i can tell more stories from my life, but it's to much Text then in here.
  • Right!🗽
  • Trudeau's Red Chinese policies, are not working in Canada....He should step down.
  • "Republican senator Marco Rubio says if the Durham findings are proven to be true the case will go down as one of the “biggest political scandals in American history.” Durham findings on Russiagate are a ‘big deal"
  • Justin Trudeau is a complete tyrant, who will inevitably be overthrown. His evil woke administration, will be the start of a D5 snowball of similar failures, of the woke globalist elite, a motley club of covid dictators.....

    TRUCKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE.........!!!✌️ You have nothing to lose but your chains...
  • Hi San. I do not think you understand. I have felt pain but I mastered physical pain. This is about medicine being a criminal act of poisonment. As with anything, if you do not resonate with what I say, move along, no need to take in my energy
  • A report urges the UK to send Channel migrants to Ascension Island......?? Yes, a good idea and I hope this option is taken up by the UK government, as it will be a deterrent to those many economic migrants, pretending to be refugees, coming over illegally, from France, to Kent, in small inflatable boats...👍

    Great Britain possesses many overseas territories and the Ascension Island is among them. It is located in the South Atlantic ocean and already serves as a Royal Airforce (RAF) station and an Anglo-American signals intelligence facility. Among other purposes.

    To give the fake refugees an idea, as to where they will stay, as their spurious claims are being processed: The island is 7°56′ south of the equator....
  • Insane Trudeau and his use of fiscal weaponization, against the Freedom Convoy......

    Let us analyze the tactics and methods of such people as Trudeau.....TalkRadio does a fairly good job of this matter, on the attached video...
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"He talk about USA or Russia? Or both?
Maybe we have been warned!"
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"The FBI searched his house. They say about him. He took documents from the White House to his private residence."
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"The good guys are winning and Trump isn’t wrong 🗽"
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"It's nothing new that scientist research on biological weapons although even if they are forbidden. Fact is that a virus that kills, is designed to kill only humans."
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