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    Let Us Be Very Clear: Sugar Is Poison — The Candidly
    We are a culture addicted to sugar. On average, we consume 17 teaspoons of added sugar on a daily basis : that equals 68 grams of sugar or two 12-…
  • I see that SAN 不滅 has placed two comments here, giving good health advice...Totally agree with her....👍

    I would also like to add another excellent video by Dr Berg, who like myself, practices both intermittent fasting and ketosis.....

    This topic is well presented, that of fasting, using an excellent example from stats pertaining to general middle east lifestyle...Noting that in such countries, they conduct Ramadan fasting and this is reflected in their low rates of cancer. Yet they also consume much sugar, and this is reflected by their high incidences of diabetes...These are general trends, documented statistically...

    So we can all learn from both these factors, when we select a healthy lifestyle, for ourselves, that negates both of these negatives, using the tools of fasting and restricting sugar to zero....
    I have been to countries such as Tunisia and Egypt and they do enjoy plenty of sweet mint tea and also dates, etc....Sweets are consumed a lot over there...

    I do not recommend drinking such sweet products, nor eating them...Especially dates covered in syrup...

    Hope readers find this information helpful and can apply it, in their own lives, to see improvements in overall health...
  • Thank you Agather for the Kid Rock Song. Just what I was in the mood for these days :) :)
  • I will mix some of these with a little bit Fresh Fruits. 95 % Raw Vegetables 5 %Fruits, all fresh and raw.
    17 Best Vegetables to Eat Raw with Tips on How to Consume Them Safely
    We already know that vegetables are good for us. If you’re into veggies then eating about 200g of vegetables every day is not a big deal. This is ass…
  • Antiviral nutrition may be beneficial in the future.
  • the governments authority is like the true value of randomly printed fiat money....fake

    hospitals and schools are paid servants to attendees. the attendees are the boss and should have 100% control of what happens. yes the student is the teachers boss. the patient is the practioners boss.

    a church is like a business middleman who price gouges an item, adds no value and damages the item before delivering it.


    I pledge allegiance to the flag of my sovereignty, i do not consent to be governed, fearless, answering only to God, with unconditional love for all.

    please embrace your divine sovereignty and collapse this evil matrix!
    Did the CDC stage the “escaping monkeys” as a cover story for releasing the next bioweapon? – Natur…
  • A road map for all of us here on Earth...
  • What if our liberation was as simple as a choice? But first, we must realize exactly what are we being liberated from, right? There are many who are still asleep, hypnotized, and spell-bound by the negative forces attempting to maintain control. How do you wake someone up who is in denial? Not an easy thing to accomplish and often a waste of time, yes or no? Sometimes we need to plant the seed and step back and let it sprout. I have seen the results and it is quite amazing. Many whom I thought would never open their minds have done just that. It is very rewarding on a collective level whenever someone awakens and steps out of darkness and into the light... it is simply a choice.
    Put ego aside and your identity in your pocket, step into the light and serve those who are still struggling... We are One, united, and worth the fight ahead of us.
    Just a thought for the day...
    peace, love, and light to all
  • Let the countdown begin...
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"The Pantomime-shamdemic was a test for all of us, in 2020/21....Never let them ban Christmas again....The LIGHT will always prevail in our hearts...🎄🎄🎄🎅🏻🎄🎄🎄"
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"Totally agree with you dear heart, about the Tartars...Their culture is ancient and rich and the traditional clothing does have a unique asiatic style....👍🏻
Actually, when I listen to the excellent music of Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin, I often…"
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"Tartar sounds cool! I never heard the language before. I also like the traditional clothing."
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"Sikhs need to use their knowledge of foods that are in the mode of goodness and those that are in the mode of ignorance and passion.
In other words Sikhs need to wake up and ban onions and garlic in their daily food ( Langar ) as they are in the…"
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"Well Guru Nanak of the greatest in spreading g Divine Knowledge"
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There is but one God and his name is Truth Full of Divine Knowledge
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