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  • Watch for false flag in Ukraine to falsely justify US military action;
    Secretary of State Blinken refuses to rule out U.S. military involvement in Ukraine
    Warns of 'massive consequences' for Russia if it invades: Rejects calls to impose immediate sanctions because it would 'undercut deterrence'
  • Did You fly in your life time? It's a feeling inside? What about? Not really Wings, rigth? What makes you fly in your life time? The feeling of Freedom inside of your Soul? 🥰Give you a other Thougth.
  • Robert Malone,MD, inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccine technology, speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, at the rally today:
    Mi Dr. Robert Malone's FULL SPEECH!!!
  • Congrats! Drekx, meanwhile in Brussels:
    this is a tweet from Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, the bitcoin nation :)
  • Bravo Great Britain, for being the first European nation to leave the covid restrictions nightmare and great resetting tyranny....
    If they wanted to condition a people for tyranny, they picked the wrong people...WE ENGLISH.

    You see, continental Europe is subject to Roman Law, where as we in England enjoy the superior (for people,) Common Law system...

    Hurrah...!! I think it's time for some music.....😁
  • We are dropping covid restrictions in the UK, at an accelerated pace...Pressure on Johnson from his own backbenchers, red wall Tory MPs and the general public, have forced this trend...👏

    An end to compulsory masks for anyone entering shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc...👏 If people want to wear a mask, feel free, BUT, don't complain if others chose not to....CHOICE IS A HUMAN RIGHT....👏

    Even compulsory masks for school kids is being dropped and rightly so....Parents and pupils had already demonstrated against this and the government had to cave in....Bravo...👏

    No more lockdowns in England and an end to vaccine passports and no planned compulsion of the public to be forced to vaccinate...👏

    So in the UK, you are seeing a different line of travel to the continent....Thankfully....👏

    There is only one remaining bone of covid contention and that is now (at this stage) being addressed. That of forced covid vaccinations, for health care workers in the NHS...

    There is a sizeable minority of staff who understandably, will not take the vax by April and would therefore be dismissed...Of course, a very moronic obsession for the government to hold, knowing that this will traduce any efficiency that the NHS has in reserve, if staff are sacked...Talented people with years of experience, wasted, by a pig-headed policy...

    HOWEVER, today we do seem to be witnessing a chink of welcome light, at the end of the NHS vax mandate tunnel....👏

    See this vid by a great British patriot, Mahyar Tousi.....👍

    "Boris To 'PAUSE' NHS Jab Mandate."
  • About Adlantis
  • Modern Medicine Tec. can be so help full
  • No medicine or doctors for me since 1987. I will never use any form of Western Medicine again

    Sovereignty from medical tyranny

    Discern everything. Your intuition gives you truth whether you are reading truth or lies.

    Sovereignty from education & propaganda & media

    No debt for me. I would never take a job. it is employment slavery.

    Sovereignty from slavery

    No middleman or church for me. Why would I want somebody who has a lower frequency to mess up my connection to God.

    Sovereignty from religious tyranny


    I pledge allegiance to the flag of my divine individual sovereignty. it signifies that no man has authority over me for anything. i will fearlessly and mortally defend all my birthright freedoms. my divine right comes from direct connection to God. with unconditional love for all. This love includes justice and karma where needed. and so it is.
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Yes you got my point! Holding the factor of who is presently funding ANTIFA constant (which I did), ANTIFA becomes just like 'Twitter', with its literal meaning intact. There is nothing 'capitalistic', 'anti-sexism', 'antiracism' etc in…"
45 minutes ago
Dr. SohiniBen Shukla left a comment on Comment Wall
"Dear Friends,
Time is the Great factor..
Wisdom of a person has no value at certain time, when can't think when some serious problem comes !
Many opinions and it disturbs the situation more !
With Calm Mind and Peaceful Heart we can find the…"
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Dr. SohiniBen Shukla left a comment on Comment Wall
"Dear Friends,
People are still afraid of Corona Virus...
Now there are so many remedies and the person can survive and comes out from the illness very easily...Nothing to worry about !
Dr Sohini Shukla"
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"Dear Ben Arion,
This website is for New Age People to learn the New Things from Scientists and Alchemists or the people who have develpoed Spiritual Sciences !
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Roaring, I agree that one must alter plans in geopolitics, rather than stick to a particular "enemy." Today's enemy can be tomorrow's friend...Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of the late 1930s, which in 1941, got totally overturned by operation…"
2 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"The coronavirus itself can kill people and has, BUT, mainly vulnerable people, with compromised immunity to anything and everything...Those who cannot manufacture T-cells, such as the very elderly...
Indeed, some patients on prescription drugs, have…"
2 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"That assertion that 'viruses donnot kill' does not come from any observation but is reasoned from Neo-Darwinism! That small pox virus killed over 300 million pple and HIV does the same shows how just blind to facts Darwinists are when they conflict…"
3 hours ago
SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"I did not get Coronavirus infection or something with any Monkey. Maybe it's because I'm allergic. My imun system reaction is maybe different. This should be investigated, why there are people who are not ill with it or at least did not have a…"
3 hours ago