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  • We need to throw spiritual monkey wrenches into this AI nonsense.
  • What Me Worry
    Mr Musk, whose ventures include electric car maker Tesla and space firm SpaceX, said in an interview with The New York Times that current trends suggest AI could overtake humans by 2025
    “Made in China 2025” and “13th Five-Year Plan.”
    China Reveals AI News Anchor, Almost Indistinguishable From Real Human
    Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!
  • Hehe love ya.💖
    Another good memory was in Cyprus when you learnt to drive a speed boat.. On that same day you hired one and I joined you at sea, you were so confident that the owner wasn’t required on board to supervise.. The others in our family were too nervous to join us so watched from a distance lol.. However, you were a natural and adapted to it like a fish to water!! It was great fun speeding around..🌊☺️
  • Yes, that was a lovely memory held by Movella...I remember that, also...She loves the sea and enjoys swimming, in general..I taught her....😍

    When she was a kid I thought she would grow up to resemble "Domino" from the Bond movie, "Thunderball." If members remember, Domino dated James Bond on the island of Nassau, Bahamas...She was beautiful and a keen swimmer, like my daughter is now...
  • Love is indeed the strongest vibration of all..
    I had not thought of this in a long time-
    My first solid memory was at the age of 2, my family and I were on holiday in the Canary Islands. I loved the beach and was captivated by the turquoise tide, the golden sand and the sparkling sun..
    I was paddling in the shallow waters until a very random wave splashed right over my head, I was knocked back a few steps.. My Dad, concerned, quickly came to the rescue to scoop me up, making sure I was okay.. Surprisingly, I remember laughing in joy saying ‘again, again’.. I then attempted to run back in again..😂
    I still enjoy the water now.. It reminds me of Samanet.

    Walks in nature, hearing the birds, seeing the trees.. It’s all healing for the soul.. It’s a gift of Earth that we should all be grateful for.. Children should experience these things.. ☀️🌊🌴🌸
  • Yes, love is stronger than the deth and Children do need to be beloved do they can give this love to thier next one. Only if we feel beloved we can love others. Do you feel beloved by the Nature? Did You really Perceive the Nature? All the Plants and all the Animals? This is Wealth. Children need to feel how they are beloved by thier Parents and by the Nature, well our Planet. Children should relate to nature. I used to play a lot in nature as a child when i visited grandmother in her House. I liked to smell the green leaves of the trees because they are so fresh. Of course, also on flowers or herbs. I think that judging nature is the first step to establish a relationship with nature. Babies first perceive their parents with the smell and the stimne, the eyes are then not yet so developed. Babies can't see sharply yet.
  • Don't really hear much about the Antarians. Wish their was more talk about them. Would definitely like to know more about them.
  • Yes, love is extremely important.
    The mind, heart and body ideally should be well and truly nourished for children to blossom to there highest potential..
    We should want the best for our children, in all aspects..

    I love my little Sirian Starseed infinately.. 💙

    For the record, I too disagree with the idea of 1-2 year olds using mobile phones, tablets, ipads.. For a few reasons; brain hasn't fully developed, the radiation is harmful, they can strain the eyes which are still developing, it can become addictive... They also haven't had the chance to fully experience the real world yet, so it's just wrong in my opinion.

    I know many people do give there babies and toddlers electronic devices.. But what's wrong real toys or playing outside?
  • SAN 不滅 I would advise any parent or guardian to not allow children, of 1-year, to be near mobile phones...In fact, children of ages up to teens...The brain is still developing and vulnerable to the radiation...
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