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  • Movella, enjoy this Boris performance...

    With exotic (alien) government advisor, Dom Cummings, (IQ through the roof,) the Mekon-like being, from "Epsilon 5," errr,🙂
  • Yep, and it all really relates to the fact that he had such a great 80-seat parliamentary majority, in 2019 general election, which he has subsequently ruined, by not delivering CONSERVATIVE policies....we voted for...

    We had to get rid of Teresa May, we had to prevent communist Corbyn...BUT, we expected more from Boris....And he turned the UK into an NHS "health" dictatorship, followed the globalist climate change codswallop, and failed to deal with illegal channel immigration...And several more, in spite of Brexit being mostly delivered, earlier on...Albeit, Ulster is still in limbo...

    And glad you liked the enema comment....😄
  • Yes, I completely agree.. Boris should stick to the booze and leave the politics for someone better!!

    He is probably the most disliked person in the UK this week..! Biden is just as bad, if not worse..

    Haha political enema .. Made me laugh.. :)
  • That's true Movella....
    Yes, about time the establishment parked the covid mania...It really is beyond a joke and if Johnson cannot let it go, he will be ousted by his own party, sooner, rather than later...

    Like Biden, his poll numbers are dropping, day after day...He needs a political
  • It is truly disgraceful that people with severe cancer who are in need of urgent support are being put on the waiting list for a year due to this shitty obsession with COVID..
    Women are being advised to give birth at home! And from personal experience, two older relatives of ours were suffering in silence with cancer for MONTHS before they were seen too, whilst people with a slight cough and sneeze would be rushed in for care ASAP..

    Come on we've all had this virus now, symptoms were not significantly worse than other viruses.. Sniffle for a week and it's gone.. We can stop pretending now!

    According to the health secretary 'Sajid Javid', NHS own trained and trusted staff who refused the jabs are soon to be sacked all over the country! We will no doubt be hearing next that there are shortages in staff.. What an irrational mess..
    And yet they expect us to bend over backwards for the NHS clapping like seals..?? Get stuffed!!
  • Just a puppet, also dumb as a brick though i heard the brick has a higher IQ
  • Red China spies in Parliament....Great that our intel boys in MI5 exposed these communists..
    CCP can get stuffed....Commie go home...!!
  • you are the people /you are the sunshine /you are free inside/sping inside/you can fly inside without wings...when Love comes with you
  • Yes Judith I agree-it's over the top WOKE non sense that anything goes including indoctrinating children to satanic beliefs. There was a website I found where an avowed satanist said that satanism is the practice of enslaving anyone to do whatever you wish with them.
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"Judith, that "dyslexia" remark was intended for Marker Dragon...The advice about health was intended for yourself, just to clarify..
Hope you get surgery for this if it is that far gone...Best of luck..."
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"Thank you Drekx. I am not dyslexic, but terribly intimidated by you and others that are extremely knowledgable about so many things. I am a special ed teacher as well and take strong offense to this remark, though you had no idea. It is irrelevant…"
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"I would like to share with ACC a video, that explains extremely well, the secrets to looking younger....

Personally I am already doing what Dr Berg recommends and can testify to it's veracity...

Important to note, this is not simple topical…"
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"MD: Judith described it as "non cancerous," so your advice seems somewhat irrelevant...In fact, it suggests that you have some type of inability to read and think clearly....Maybe a dyslexia...? I noted this the other day when you misread my…"
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