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  • How do we help those who seem dependent upon big pharma drugs and vaccines...?? We offer solutions. Alternative solutions, which are NATURAL.

    Fasting is a very powerful way to strengthen natural immunity....I'll post this video, for consideration and application...However I can but unlock a door, each must choose to walk through, or not...Blessings to all...Drekx
  • Very good points, Roaring and marker dragon....Of course, these mutations of the virus are intended to scare the public into giving up their freedoms to the state...They want a docile and compliant general public and they want them vaccinated to destruction...
    With a strong immune system, naturally acquired, there is absolutely no reason to take vaccines, pills, or any big pharma poison...
    Covid19 is no worse than a bout of flu...I never get flu..nor even a cold.....
    Good nutrients, good thoughts, good exercise, good lifestyle...balanced emotions, we can each be free of these absurd restrictions the powers that be (were) are trying to force upon us, for spurious purposes...
    Take marker dragon's advice, SAN......Of course, you have the freewill choice....
    I really hope that people can be less trusting of the big tech, propaganda machine..
  • Why are pple failing to understand that the so called new mutations are most probably just new behaviours of the same virus? The RNA vaccine does not expose the virus (with all its behaviours) to your immune system, unlike the traditional vaccines. It expose just the virus's surface proteins. So it assumes that the virus never alter its surface proteins, without any mutations. Why should they assume this, given that we know that a large portion of DNA is what they call it 'junk DNA', which they don't know what their purpose is. But it is plausible that cells do switch their genes on or off depending on circumstances. It is not the case that every time, the entire DNA is active. So, for instance, your body cells got extreemly diversified, yet it used the same DNA. The bones cells are totally different from the liver cells and yet they did not have to 'mutate' in order to attain this difference. They only had to 'behave differently'.

    Since RNA vaccines exposes the body to mere surface proteins and not the entire behaviour of the virus, the body cannot master how to tackle all the behaviours of the virus. A tiny change in behaviour unleashes new surface proteins and the body nolonger know how to tackle it. They call such a changed virus 'a new variant'.
  • 'new variants' are attempts to write latter 'o' in upside down etc. It is probably an ad-oc explanation for ineffective vaccines. Rather than say 'the vaccines are not very effective, and we should try another', say 'there is a new variant that needs another vaccine'. This is the prototype of how scientists 'fix' their past mistakes without, in the eyes of the public, appearing that they erred! It is politically incorect, amongst scientists, to criticise science head on.The result is confused masses!
  • A vaccine is not a Medicine.

    Unlike the Medicine, the vaccine activates the immune system and stimulates it to produce antibodies. If the body is exposed to the same virus again, antibodies are formed again and the disease outbreak is thus prevented.

    I had the text translated by Google.
  • no vaccine is useful

    the body needs no medicine

    medicine just gets in the way of your immune syatem
  • And they call this new variant "Omicron.." They are playing games with you...And they will invent new variants to scare you with...When they reach "Omega," they will run out of time...and
  • I would not take aspirin if the government tried to force me. All medicines are poison. My health became perfect the minute I stopped doing doctors and medicine
  • Also SAN, are you planning to take a booster shot, every 6-Months, as some "experts" are suggesting...??

    And who really needs to use a "Tesla death beam," on the public, when this vaccine, is so much easier for the authorities to co-ordinate...???
  • SAN has that right to choose to take Moderna covid19 vax, or not...Albeit, that was all the authorities offered her to take, so we could conclude; "what choice....!"

    Moderna is one of those mRNA types I discussed earlier...So if the authorities recommend something like this, you wonder why...

    I will refresh the memories of all, including SAN, as to the very possible side effects....

    "Warning Intramuscular route (Suspension)
    Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is an unapproved product which is under investigation for use as active immunization against COVID-19."
    Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects: Common, Severe, Long Term -
    Learn about the potential side effects of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (sars-cov-2 (covid-19) mrna-1273 vaccine). Includes common and rare side effects i…
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