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  • Concentration Camp
    Howard Springs quarantine facility
    Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
    Howard Springs quarantine facility
    About 850 people are currently able to quarantine at the former Howard Springs mining camp on Darwin's outskirts. The camp has been renamed the Centr…
  • A real scientist speaks out on the origins of Covid19...
  • As the Sirians are dealing with critical work to mitigate the extremes of the Grand Solar Minimum, the Agarthan Spiritual-Warrior Clan, will be replacing the Sirian duty of acting sentinel, over human war potential chaos....This is a warning to China..
    Drekx Omega ~ Location of Earths Galactic Federation of Light Command Base
  • Most people have no idea that the world would not even be here, for we humans to squabble in, if the space brothers and sisters, had not made secret and surgical strikes, neutralizing Earth human self-annihilation attempts, at key moments in history...Nuclear war is not something the Galactic Federation will ever allow to blight this planet. What was accomplished in 1980 could be repeated, if China, Russia and America, were to run into a conflict...Freewill is sacrosanct, but collective suicide will be prevented through direct intervention, if needed...
    Currently, China is making plans...These will be thwarted...
    Drekx Omega ~ Rendlesham Incident Prt 3 - 3 Nights Merge Into One Summary
  • The political system of any country is meaningless

    This stops when we throw away the concept that anyone has a right to govern.

    The only divine right is your sovereignty. God (Source) will always protect you if you stand in your sovereignty. Protecting does not mean life or death as death is not a negative outcome. Death happens when an energetic transition is needed.

    Protect means to protect the divinity of your soul which is really all that matters
  • marker-that's the warped msm in my opinion
  • Powerful Blessing
    Jesus Christ Healing While You Sleep @432 Hz With Delta Waves
    Jesus Christ Healing While You Sleep @432 Hz With Delta Waves. This relaxing 11 hours of sleep music features all instruments at 432 Hz along with De…
    "We'll Never Give Up" - Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov't COVID Tyranny
  • Pet Rock. Scientists who are baffled are idiots. A child can see the vaccine is pure poison
    Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and covid has practically disappeared… scientists “baffled” – Natural…
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"Watch for false flag in Ukraine to falsely justify US military action;"
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