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  • I read an article about Amazon buying MGM, the other day. So, James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli does not know yet, what this means for the Bond leading role.
    Not good! LOL
  • 😄OK I know it's just fantasy fun, but some are asking the question; should the next James Bond, be a Jane Bond..?? I would say no, but I do enjoy women in action films, nevertheless....Like in the clip shown.. I suppose making Bond female, is just another woke (Frankfurt school communists) attempt to traduce western culture and iconic entertainment figures, such as Bond and many others...Anyway, I'll post a pretty good intro clip, from one of many 007 movies...I like the London backdrop in this one..
  • If the covid19 PSYOP is restarted over the winter, with more lock-downs, people will ignore the fake science being promulgated by governments. Presently we are free and intend to stay that way...WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS....

    The Scots have had a particularly bad time of it, as a result of their maniac SNP "regional dictator-governor," Nicola Sturgeon...Neil Oliver presents a good case to defy lockdown.....
  • Farage suggests correctly, that Biden does not like the UK...And looking at the way his hysterical handlers treat questioning from the press, while in talks with PM Johnson I tend to agree....Biden and his dark cabal masters, hate Great Britain, because we left their EU pet project...They want us at the back of the line....with trade...much as Obama....another deep state
  • To trade, or not to trade, that is the question, President Biden...!!! lol

    A GB News commentary from the indefatigable Nigel Farage, on the current state of play, regarding a possible bi-lateral deal with the USA........Yes, Trump would have done it.....Biden seems too distracted by the fuzzy letters on his cue cards...
  • Yea well who beats the war drums most lol I mean honestly, and who's trying to AVOID war. Bibi Netanyahu lol George Bush lol Trumpy lol

    Trump almost dragged the whole world INTO WAR, with a staged thing, remember that. They purposefully flew a US drone over Iranian waters, and when it was shot down, they're like, time for WAR lol They had everything ready, it was all set lol To retaliate, against the missile site that shot down the drone. Which ugh. It potentially could've started WW3, that whole thing.

    Lucky Trump wised up at the last minute and said no, it's not worth it. John Bolton probably turned 3 shades of red lol Btw, who hires JOHN BOLTON as an advisor lol

    Again, know friend from foe. There's people in both parties, who work for the NWO. And who work for the people. Folks like AOC work for the people, that's clear as day lol

    You don't want to tax the rich lol You ain't a millionaire lol The fuck you care. Don't want to scrap NWO controlled fossil fuels and go to green renewable energy. Well way to support the NWO then, just GET REAL. LEARN FRIEND FROM FOE.
  • 😊
  • The Master of Silly Walks 😊
  • Ivy, now you've got me going....Off to the Ministry....😄
  • Yes, it can be confusing. Europe vs Eurocracy.
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