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  • Police fire rubber bullets at tradies protesters in Melbourne
  • We always are aware of our thoughts, emotions, and energies that surround our daily lives, and always be mindful because this can expand one's life force or energy which can help heal all types of entities attachments and negative emotions, etc... one can observe this playing out on daily basis. What we say to ourselves and to others is also important and this can affect our daily lives so it very important to be aware of this. Another is to visualize something that makes ones life feel much better and there are waves of energy coming from all sources. Connecting with one's spirit guide on a daily basis is important and they can provide answers if one is confused about certain things and it's important to have patience. While not always being aware of my word I found it can have a devasting impact on one's life. Positive affirmations and visualization throughout the day is important
  • The ancient Sumerian culture describes the Annunaki in great detail...There are many cuneiform records in tablet form...We have many in the British museum...
    These were the so-called "gods" of ancient cultures....Enki was also Osiris. So they used different names in different Earth cultures...

    Since they joined the Light and renounced their former ways of mischief, they have changed their name to "ANNANUKI." 🛸

    Cuneiform means, denoting or relating to the wedge-shaped characters, used in ancient writing systems of Mesopotamia, Persia, and Ugarit, surviving mainly on clay tablets.

    "The British Museum houses a collection of over 130,000 cuneiform tablets covering more than 3,000 years of human experience."
    An accessible introduction to cuneiform; the world’s oldest writing system.
  • I don't know the Anunnaki.
    One thing more about so called Erth.
    The old Name is SHAN and it's from the Pleiades. How do it come to the Solar Star Systems? I heard that SHAN is a spaceship with cut off wings. Have these wings been found?
    Maybe our Space Brothers from the Pleiades know that?! By the Way thank You Pleiadian Space Brothers for Protect me and the other here on Shan from the Radioactivity Radiation.
    Sometimes i fly in my dreams...🕊️
    I remember a dream flying through the clouds to a café on the clouds. The café had the name :"META CAFÉ" strange, right? I sat down at one of the round tables and there was a man with a hat in front of me, unfortunately I did not see his face, his hat was somehow pulled down too far. I was also very small somehow, maybe a pigeon, like in another dream. The man told me that it was a place where magical beings meet. A magical café. I should write down and sell my dreams as a bookI could write down and sell my dreams as a book 😂could be quite exciting.
    I tried in one of my dreams to get out of the body I just had within the dream and try to see for myself what I had succeeded, but only very briefly, then I was pulled back. I was a white Dove. My dreams are very strange sometimes.
  • Sister, selamat balik....!!
    I was careful to describe the planetoid as a "former battle station," as it was used in the cosmic wars, by the Annunaki, who are now reformed and with us...It is now of peaceful service only and will be positioned in our outer solar system, as one of the planets of the Solarian star nation..We will make many alterations to the current system, so that it more resembles the pre-war energies of peace and harmony...Before Maldek (Tiamat) was destroyed and became the asteroid belt.....between Mars and Jupiter...
    Thanks for your greetings...Sirius sends you a greeting in the language shown above..
  • Well it was a Project from the Galactic Federation. They only built the gates. It's a planetoid with the Name Nibiru.
    Nibiru, is part of the Galactic Federation. To be honest, i don't think it is a so-called Battle station. There is certainly no such thing like that in Space.
    I greet my friends and family from Sirius and Vega greet my friends and family from Sirius, Vega and Lyra 🦢🕊️🦁🌊🌌🌝🛸🌏❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  • SAN 不滅 said: "GATES TO NIRIBU do you know about? Only Galactic Federation knows. I know it from a Friend who is a Spacer 🤫."

    Well, it's NIBIRU......not "NIRIBU," A former battle station, now under GFL control...and not a threat to Earth, anymore..
  • Dear sister SAN 不滅 I would like to state a cosmic fact for you to digest: The Galactic Federation, is the Galactic Federation of Light...They are one and the same.
    Sometimes shortened, sometimes the full title...Please understand the logic and I'll provide a perfect terrestrial example...When one refers to the United States, which many do, we also know, this means the United States of America...The USA and often shortened to U.S. The same great nation we all know and love..

    It is EXACTLY so with our beloved cosmic union, the GALACTIC FEDERATION...
    Yes, OF LIGHT....The only Galactic Federation of such a grand size and interdimensional volume, within our galaxy...We call it Milky Way galaxy, on Earth...Within the DERN universe. The DERN Universe has many galaxies...This is the one we inhabit...and this is our singular grand and Lighted Federation. Albeit, there are Federations within Federations...Such as the Plejaren Federation, which is part of the GFL.

    And some fake "channels" claim to make a distinction between one and the other, BUT THERE IS NONE..The GF is the GFL....Just as the US is the USA....The same.

    Thankyou and blessings, Drekx
  • SAN 不滅 said: "Sheldan speaks only of the Galactic Federation.." end quote.

    Alas, you lack eyes to see and ears to hear.....Play the Nidle video again...the first (part 1) mentions; "of Light," very clearly........

    OBSERVE 06:58 point number 4, on the First Contact Criteria chart...Criteria for first contact. The words written, "OF LIGHT." He also mentions the words audibly, at 07:26 on the video..."OF LIGHT."

    Please try to think clearly, listen attentively, focus and open your heart to truth...thankyou and may you accept this without further denials....
  • GATES TO NIRIBU do you know about? Only Galactic Federation knows. I know it from a Friend who is a Spacer 🤫.
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