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  • This is so amazing to have so many Great People in our lives!!!!! .Thank you for your never ending guidance and faith in our Species!!!
  • If you close exermine parastatals, you will find that they are almost always making huge loses. Amtrak, for instance, has never made any profit, even for a single day, sinse 1970!!! However, if you close exermine seniour employees there, you will find fat bellies, convoy of gleaming cars and massive salaries!! These are, of course thieves! But when an hawker in the street fails to make a profit in a single day, (may be he was sick), he goes without eating that day, and if he persist for a week, he now have to sleep outside! The public is fooled to beleive that if they bail out the wealthiest, rather than the poor, the benefits 'trickles down' to the whole society!!!

    Now look at another case for 'crony capitalism'. The Pennsylvania Stadium was demolishing before debt was paid. But the private teams playing there of course made zillions. You hear of a footballer making unimaginable money and yet there is an outstanding public debt that went into funding stadiums. Such is how businesses are done in US, Europe and Japan! Such is how tycoons are created there!

    Just a few cases to highlight the fact that taxes are thefth!
  • Government is unnecessary. Humans were conned into it and it has created untold woes in the society! Without government, there will be far less poverty, less inequality, less corruption, less impunity, less wars etc etc. There is no inherent justification at all in the idea that a group of pple should make decisions for other pple. Why? Who gave out that authority? Who are you to make a decision for other people? There is no justification for power. It is 100% asurpation.This is why governments cannot end problems. It can only multiply them. Yet people (trump supporters included, lol😆)have been completely conned to look forward to governments as the solution to all their problems.


    It begun when humans saw that SOME things work well when FEW people make decisions which other people follow. You get it? The original, and the correct idea is 'FEW'. Then it was strictly SOME things. 'Few' was since replaces by 'some', and 'some' replaced by 'almost everything'! ( that is ALMOST EVERYTHING works better when SOME pple make decisions ). Most of things do well when decisions are done by individuals. The only things thay require very a few people to decide are things that reauire very quick decisions. (It is like too many drivers cannot drive a single vehicle). But then this at first translated into COMMUNITIES, with LEADERS, But not GOVERNMENTS.The modern thing that closely resembles the earlier precursor of government is a COMPANY or a COOPERATIVE SOCIETY. The major difference being that in the latter, the membership is free. The only other thing that worked best when done by a few pple was settling disputes and conducting wars. It is here where coercion is necessary. But even so, it could be done better by entity that are a far cry from what we see it today as a 'government'.


    This should come from pple directly (not from elites). The membership into the armies was 100% percent free. Unfortunately, humans desire to solve 'mob justice', which was very rare, drove them to form tyranny, which was far worse and far too common! In summary, armies were volutntary service to community (much like a call to clean a city). Once the 'enemy' is over, all pple go back to their work. However, this evolved into an entirely elite controled entity that permanently stands by to continuously coars, intimidate and make rules for people. This was created by brainwashing the public into beleiving that it is the public itself that we should fear, when in reality it was just a few pple who often cause commotions in a sporadic manner. This could be easily dealt with by a mob (the true police😆), controled by some leaders!!


    This is now the mother of all evil! Taxes are thefts, as simple as that! Like I said, true government is a VOLUNTARY service to the community. Leaders (specialy gifted pple ) often spontaneously arouse from amongst masses (often to lead armies in wars). This was in much the same way church leaders arises. They were funded just like in a church!! If you are a poor leader, you simply don't receive much 'offerings' (precursor to taxes). So they 'voted' with their wallets! You can easily see the illegitimacy of taxes. It insist that a government is NOT a voluntary service to the society and yet it begun as such! A pastor can't force pple to bring offerings. If pple don't do it, just resign! If pple don't pay taxes, the government should simply resign as the government should be service FOR the pple and as such, it is their choice! But instead, it evolved into a beast that impose itself on pple! It opted to FORCE pple to pay them!

    Taxes has created all the problems in our society! It has created a few zillionairs and zillions of impoverished pple. It does this through oligarchy, communism and crony capitalisms.
  • It is the nature of the body to fear death. So how?
  • If we eliminate fear, greed and ego, there is no need for government. Government is directly responsible for 90% of crime so they are clearly not the solution. We are not supposed to feel fear or greed. These are only possible because the 5D grid was destroyed by cabal and replaced with 3d mind control
  • So how would it look, no goverment...I find it hard to picture. Politics from the would that work? I'm in for it ...We need something new, without me picture it
    So many people who are not able yet to take full responsibility for themselfs.
  • The only answer to current situation is to eliminate the concept of a ruling government forever. It is senseless to have governments with power. Governments should be small and designed for operational excellence. Think the best business managers with highly limited authority to responsibility, no immunity and no power over the people. The blockchain quantum computer makes it easy to get a read of the unity consciousness wants of WE THE PEOPLE. Also, using trickery in rhetoric to deceive needs to be criminalized. The lobby must be criminalized.
  • Obama added that, were aliens to be proven real, he has no doubt that it would impact the political and social climate on Earth, saying "there would be immediate arguments about like, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves. New religions would pop up. And who knows what kind of arguments we get into. We're good at manufacturing arguments for each other."

    The former president's remarks came in light of a forthcoming report on UFOs by The Department of Defense's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, formed in August to investigate the phenomena.
  • Agree with marker dragons comment dont have fear of the covid bs. This scam needs to end and those responsible for these lockdowns and the ruining of peoples lives need to be locked up its way overdue.
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The mainstream science and modern philosophy , both inspired by atheism, have an incoherent view of what consciousness is. They think that a series of gears cogs etc can bring about  consciousne provided that it is 'complex enough'. With such a…
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