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  • Covid-19 vaccine GIVES them Covid-19, thus materializing, ironically, their greatest fear.

    'The worst part is that the “customers” can’t take the vaccines “back.” Bad deposit, no return. It doesn’t matter if you have your “receipt” (vaccine ID card or passport), because there’s NO undoing mRNA codes once they’re embedded in your cells. They sneak in like a poisoned Trojan horse and invade the space, the message between your DNA and your RNA, and that’s that. You’re all set. Recoded to produce unlimited prions and proteins into your blood, that travel far beyond just the sore muscle tissue where they stabbed the technology into your arm.'
    The world's top new source on natural health -
    The world's top new source on natural health -
    Amazon Show Plot Featured Fake Virus, Global Vaccine Program to Sterilize World Population
    Some wanted it pulled so as not to encourage COVID "conspiracy theorists."
    WATER WARS about to go kinetic in America as farmers targeted by “terrorist” state governments that…
  • Looks like a UFO
  • If anyone is interested, I started a telegram group to organize live meditations and help discover soul memories. We also talk about news of the day in the paranormal, starseed, lightworker, ufo and conscious ascension subjects.
    I also post all of the information spirit gives me there before I share it here. I don't know how or if there is a way to make a live group here. I do live streams also and am able to do live energy soul readings and healings as well.
    Soul Awakening
    Discovering soul knowledge, psychic abilities, energy healing, elemental magic and friendship among the fairer beings of the universe. Enjoying momen…
  • Glad you liked the singing plants -Judith
  • Be the highest version of yourself
  • Love the singing plant.. Thank you for sharing.
  • Note that the certainty of a particle's location is created by the summation of waves of several wavelengths. The waves are summed such that they are coherent at the center of the wavepacket and decoherent elsewhere.

    Then note that to move such a wave packet over a vast distance, we only need to change the phase angles of the waves by a fraction of their largest wavelenght, which is in the orders of a billionth of a milimiter! (To change their point of coherence) Of course the brain can do that, even if we understand it in a completely classic way! It merely shifts vibrating molecules somewhere in the head by the billionth of a milimeter. Thanks to the immense amplification inate in wave realignments.
    Google Image Result for…
  • To further illustrate attenuation of waves over distance, lets consider double slit experiment. The wave of a single particle spreads in all directions. If you were to think of this wave as energy, then this energy spreads in all directions so that by the time it reaches the stars, it will be far too tiny to have any meaningful effect. However, we know that a 'miracle' happens. At the 'collapse of wavefunction', all the energy that spreaded in all directions suddenly converges to a single location in a twinkle of an eye!!

    With this, we see that the idea that a wave coming from our brains can affect something even in stars is not too hard to accept!! The only problem is that scientists still think that the mind cannot guide the 'collapse', especially to determine where the soliton manifest from. But with a proper theory of mind, I think we can eventually understand such.

    The idea is that what a quantum physicist think that it is 'random' is not realy random at all. Rather, they are being determined by unknown minds that pervades everywhere! In this sense our conscious decisions are directly linked to 'collapses' in our brains. This is a quantum mind theory.
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