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  • Think of the water as to be physically connected to our brains, for instance via the medium that undulates to propagate the electromagnetic waves. When we think, feel etc, we affect the charges across the cell membranes. (The so called axon potential). This, of course, creats EM waves that spread everywhere. This way the electromagnetic medium is no different from our own bodies!!

    Of course the only remaining question is whether the EM waves emanating from our brains attenuates beyond the ability to affect water molecules at a distance. It is at this point where we think of the EM wave as individual photons, wherein their energy cannot be less than hf, no matter how much it travels. Light from distant stars attenuats beyond detection because the photons spread in all directions. The the energy in a given photon is same no matter how far it goes. So if there is a way of beaming the photons from the brain, and concentrating it to a specific place, then they will never attenuate and it behaves as if our axons are extended way beyond our bodies!

    But this is another story, where we use mind to explain QM in a quantum mind theory.
  • Water’s structure reacts to any irritation. Its molecules are organized in clusters that work as “memory cells,” so to speak. Within each memory cell there are 440,000 information panels that are responsible for the interaction with its environment, making it nature’s single most malleable computer, according to Rustom Roy, a renowned materials scientist and professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University who passed away in 2010. Whatever water hears, sees, and feels becomes a catalyst for its change as it copies, memorizes, and transports information. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto demonstrated this with his water crystal project. In this study, Emoto played music, displayed words, and prayed to water while it was freezing, and when the water was frozen it created crystal shapes distinct to each stimuli. When the words and music were positive and loving, intricate crystal shapes appeared, and on the contrary, when sounds and words were negative and harsh, chaotic, incoherent shapes formed.

    This research is especially interesting in light of water’s prevalence in our bodies. “Water serves as a transporter of energy throughout your body…carried by blood and bodily fluids, it is the means by which nourishment is circulated throughout our bodies…this flow of water enables us to live active lives,” wrote Emoto in his New York Times bestselling book The Hidden Messages in Water. This begs the question: What if we can utilize our thoughts and words for positive change while we are in water? Could we rewire our body and mind to default to the balance and peace it feels when in water?
    The Healing Benefits of Rose Water | Spirit Led Healing Institute
    Rose Water is making a strong comeback. You see it everywhere but often it is a cheap knock off of the real thing and can be quite costly. The good n…
  • A physicist may ask why introduce the mind at all. We reason this way:

    Lets state the 'collapse' without involving the mind:

    A quantum system is in a superposition of states untill an interaction between itself and a classic device collapses the wavefuction. Then add that the interaction happens such that it reveals the location of a particle to an observer. In other words the more we are certain about the location, the more we are uncertain about the momentum.

    In othet words the physical world behaves as if it knows what it is that can reveal location to a conscious mind! This suggests there is some deep link between a physical event happening in a certain way and 'knowing that it has happened that way'

    But again be carefull to note that this is not the new age 'tree-in-the-forest theory. We don't create by observation. The best we can do is alter the behaviour of particles. We can, for instance 'squeeze' them into a thin wavepacket etc. It is also different from the new age idea in that we bring in an entirely different theory of consciousness alongside QM. New age recklessnessly teach that qm theory itself teaches about consciousness and mind. It doesn't!!
  • "R Lovely, I gently look forward to a profoundly cohesive and holistic post-quantum physics unfolding from the next unfoldment of human awareness, in the 'blink of an infinite I'."

    May be such is what I see it too.

    Note that you can still introduce consciousness as to play a role in the 'collapse'. But now this needs a theory of mind, not just quantum mechanics. In other words, QM as it is do not, in any way speak about the mind. But quantum mind theory does.

    If you still want to say the 'collapse of wavefunction' is caused by mind, then such a mind will be the one that pervades everywhere in some way. A measuring device has some 'distorted' mind.

    We can identify 'soul' with some field that is due to quantum coherence. In other words decoherence does not completely cancel the whole-pervading wavefunction. The amplitude (square modulus, for those who know math.☺)of this wavefunction will equal density, not probability of finding a particle. So decoherence leaves an extreemly tenuous substance that pervades everywhere. We can identify this with 'mind'. Wigglings in this field influences where the particle collapse in.

    But note that this is different from the tree-in-the-forest. The latter says consciousness CREATES particles. The former says it MOVES them in some way. There is objective reality, the 'mind' itself being part of it. The field from our brain reaches the measuring device.

    Only via such an additional, theory of mind, might we relate quantum observation with awareness. Quantum theory alone does not!
  • San, that's a beautiful quote about the divine spark within, and letting it become a flame. I've seen auras since childhood...when the spark becomes a flame, the aura around someone glows brightly. It can be seen in people's fields (and was depicted as golden halos around spiritually-alight ones, human and angelic).... 💛

    R Lovely, I gently look forward to a profoundly cohesive and holistic post-quantum physics unfolding from the next unfoldment of human awareness, in the 'blink of an infinite I'.... 😉
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  • cause we can 💓🌍
  • Ashtar Command Ligthship
    ~we are not alone~
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Greetings to you!Sometimes, we get so caught up and forget that it is so important to stay balanced and grounded and to discern between truth and illusions/distractions/distortions..Everything you/me/we need is within! What lies infront of you/me/us…
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