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  • Ok so let me get this straight we are not to talk about anything that certain people would consider negative on this site or we will be punished with a lecture from mommy?! Or is that corrected by certain individuals so is this new age or socialism at its best behavior
  • 💚 Hellen 💚

    Marker, I understand where you're coming from...the point here is that there are endless things that can compromise people's energy fields and impact body health...trauma, depression, terror, alcohol, drugs, EMFs, misaligned vibrations of all kinds as well as imagined perils...and we can keep getting drawn into focusing on every ill in the world and playing into fears ad infinitum...when all the energy we call Ascension and the Divine, by whatever name and belief framework, is calling us to is to Be the Love that we are, the Oneness that we are, through which any misqualified vibration naturally transforms and realigns back to the pure original frequency of creation.

    We can of course have different intuitions/inner guidance about how to flow that transformative LoveLight, moment to moment and person to could be through the focus of the Violet Flame, sacred geometries, Golden Light, innumerable avenues of focus...and when we're fully in our Love, they flow effortlessly into focus for ourselves, for people, animals, the planet...
    We assist others in waking to their own core alignment and inner awareness when we're in it ourselves...when we're peaceful...and radiating that peace...

    Many think they have to keep pointing out to people to all the negative, harmful things in the world, with the, 'I don't want to scare you, but you need to be informed...'

    Over the years, this forum has felt to me at times awash in negative focus, judgements, racism, finger-pointing, political soapboxing etc.....yet...there's a background Light that is of a very high vibration, always present, in the stillness...anchored through the overlighting mantle of the Ashtar Command, since that name (and all that it truly IS and stands for) is anchored here...

    Paper Tiger Syndrome is connected with basic survival instinct, from ancient times...when, if you didn't have your wits about you, and were walking along with your head in the clouds, you might get eaten by a tiger or other predator...
    There's a part of the brain that is always on the alert, just in case...saying it's better to focus on, worry and stress over a thousand shadows in the trees that weren't really a tiger/threat to our life, rather than be off guard that one time the tiger was really there...

    But as we evolve into higher awareness, as aspect of that awareness is realizing we always are and always have been Safe in a Loving Universe...we just need to remember it and stop attaching to the thousand worries, the paper tigers, as 'real' when all they ever were are shadows...and shadows simply melt into the Light of Infinite Love, when we allow ourselves to Know we are that Love...
    Often, what will come first is a calling to angels and guides of Light to protect us, in feeling our way into that Forever Love that is naturally Safe.
    That's a beautiful thing...then people will often find their confidence in their eternal safety by invoking it themselves through the 'I Am'...
    And then, it's also possible to become so anchored in the Love we Know we Are, all the beautiful guiding lights are, all life really is, that all energies are entirely encompassed within our Love, and it goes beyond the 'I Am' and the angels or guiding lights as separate, as we are all in One Flow, One Radiating Light via countless expressions...
    In that state of Oneness or 'Source-ness', whichever stream of vibration/consciousness of the Oneness that is most beneficial within every lived moment will BE here...presenced in the Now...and energy fields align, misqualified vibrations realign, as naturally as breathing, with the lightest touch of focus...

    Just feel this in your heart, your cells, your energy field, and Know that anything can be transmuted and blessed into Love...and help people toward that Knowing by your own example...because the more this Knowing is anchored in the collective field, the more the Ascended Earth, the ascended collective consciousness, becomes Present.

    With Love to you & All 💚🌺
  • We won't ascend if we accept nontruths. Re: Energy field holes: Source? Shouldn't be hard for you to prove since it's indisputable.
  • If a persons energy field has a hole and the color turns gray like a drug addict, that is relevant to healing. This is indisputable.
  • Thank You Joanna.
  • My comment was about the effect on the aura and toroidal energy field. I think that is relevant
  • To truly help people to awaken is to show by example that every human on Earth is innately capable of transcending, transforming and transmuting any misaligned energy, whether material or subtle, by simply focusing within, from and through the pure Light of Love that we All innately are behind the layers of illusory separateness.
    Dwelling negatively on thoughtforms of fear doesn't serve the Ascension of the Whole.
    Toxins/misaligned vibrations in foods, water, vaccines, medications, EMFs, chemtrails, beliefs, emotions etc can be transmuted as naturally as breathing when we KNOW we are the Love that transcends and encompasses all creations.

    For anyone who feels called to focus on viruses and vaccines as an aspect of Mission, send only Love into them, the Light of Oneness into them, into All, for the upliftment of All...instead of judgements, fears and unfounded/ungrounded projections of complexities that only exist as shadows...
    Bring true Inner Peace to Everything...when that radiates from you, it helps people awaken to the love and peace they innately are, if they're ready and receptive....and to KNOW that there is nothing to fear...we just need to align ourselves in true Unconditional Love, and allow ourselves to stand open in the flows of Grace and Providence - that we experience as Blessings - streaming constantly throughout Creation.

    Onward and upward folks...Love to you all 💛💛💛
  • Wandercloud. Good point. It holds relevance if our mission involves helping people awaken or heal themselves but there is debate as to whether that is part of mission
  • Are these comments really fifth dimensional. We are meant to be leaving behind all stuff of the 4d mind - if you are still interested in this crap the plane of illusion still has power over you.
  • Where do they specifically link the coronavirus vaccine to a loss in visual capability and/or compare it to the sensory capability of a heroin junkie?
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