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  • People who see auras see a massive reduction in color and brightness after the vaccine. It is similar to that of a heroin junkie
  • I always start to concentrate on myself in order to activate the self-healing powers in my body and then as soon as I feel this positive power I pick it up and send you with many good wishes, hope and love for everything that exists around me. I have observed with people who are close to me that they are usually something like blessed. The same thing happens when people come out of the church and are just filled with the Holy Spirit. You can see how satisfied and happy they are, I think it's called blissful. Looks like i can bless Humans, Plants and maybe Water, but not sure. If i do so, the Plants get more powerfull growen than normal sometimes. I have try so many expieriments with my energys. By the Way in my Hands i feel a other energy, well it feels like it is not the same as in my Body. I think this is some energy wich can healing others, or destroy something if it is in the wrong use without a good balance, because i think i have broken glass by it, just by tuching it.(That was strange)
  • I think that the negative energy that sometimes penetrates me from the outside or that I take in through food is converted into positive energy in me. Is that possible? That you as a human being can transform energies like that?
  • Thank you, Joanna. I know what you mean. I also feel this positive energy and try to give it off as often as possible and to lift it to the healing of the earth and everything that lives on you.
  • San, I visualize a Violet Flame in my heart centre (or for anyone who's not so visual, just holding the intention works)...then let it radiate out through my body and subtle bodies/aura field, with the intention of any lower vibrations in or around my field (or this could be unhelpful energy imprints, entities etc) clearing and transforming back to pure Love in the Violet Flame...
    Then I send this out around the planet, through the light-grids, for the Earth and all life here...
    The Violet Flame's a powerful clearer and transformer of any energies non-aligned to our highest potential, highest well-being...
    Violet is an aspect of the Purple Ray, it doesn't come from just one place, it's Universal...and when focused upon in Flame form, the frequencies of that Ray, that colour specturm, are amplified and energized... 💜🌏
  • How do you know if your violett flamme is there? You feel it? How it feels like? Is it between the Eyes? I always feel something there. Is this, that Violett Flamme? I always thougth it's something wich belong to those who come from Lyra. It is a healing energy rigth? I can feel something like that sometimes.
  • Unplugging and going to nature are my go-to as well, 1godoflove...the beautiful presence on so many levels, of this planet, and tuning in with the Love vibrating through the whole planetary/collective field...behind and beyond all the noise...simplest way to stay centered, I my experience, just tuning into the wondrous... 🌺

    Thank you Papa Fred, feeling the Violet Flame and awesome energies through your words..💜😊
  • Love the tattoo Papa Fred
  • "Hello Roaring Lovely, on your last comment, curious as to where you stand then on things when you state "you see a problem with Christianity then you swing to Buddhism, Islam or atheism like a numbskull." So what are exactly your beliefs then?"

    We should spend some times being uncertain, so we may be dispassionate in our search, thats what I mean.
  • It is needed to ground yourself with Gaia and to invoke the Violet Flame as you are grounded - Great Positive Energies lay waiting for a person to call upon them - the feeling is amazing
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"San, that's a beautiful quote about the divine spark within, and letting it become a flame. I've seen auras since childhood...when the spark becomes a flame, the aura around someone glows brightly. It can be seen in people's fields (and was depicted…"
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"I believe that we carry a spark of that eternal light within us, which must shine in the basics of being and which our weak senses can only suspect from afar. To let this spark in us become a flame and to realize the divine in us is our highest…"
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 ~Adama~The Violet Flame will not “get rid of” karma.That is not its purpose. The Violet Flame will assist inbalancing it as well as teach the lessons you need to learnin a more gentle way. If you resist the lessons and understanding your…
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