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    UT Bioweapons Dept. Study: Do Not Take The Covid Shots
    Jones looks at study showing SARS vaccine caused lung disease in rodents during clinical trials.
  • Here is a Webpage wich describes it:
    (sorry it is in German) just look at the Picture there. It's serious if I don't try to stop it. It can crush internal organs. In this area, especially the lungs.
    Bandscheibenvorfall BWS
    Erhalte wichtige Informationen rund um das Thema Bandscheibenvorfall BWS | Starte sofort mit den passenden Übungen. Tipps vom Physiotherapeuten | SAP…
  • It is good that you have diagnosed the problem and it isn't serious. You asked about chakra but you didn't say what part of the spine was affected.
  • I was just at the doctor and he says i can possibly wear a corset to correct the posture. I'm trying to do it with sport first, because it's only a light curvature so far. Maybe yoga. By the Way I will be vaccinated Saturday with the 2.corona vaccination. About the same time as the first time. Maybe a little earlier. My sister accompanies me, who thinks the biontech vaccination is just like my uncle's jackpot, as it covers most mutations.(sorry for my Bad Englisch)
    BOMBSHELL: Dr. Mercola Makes Shocking Covid-19 Shot Prediction
    Respected Doctor Predicts Experimental Inoculations Will Kill More Than the Covid Virus
  • Which chakra is blocked or disturbed if there is a slight curvature of the spine? Is it correct that it is the Solar Plexus Chakra? Or also the heart chakra? Can anyone tell me?
  • There is an experience of X-ray examination. So I have a spinal curvature. I have to do yoga or pilatis or other sports to cure it, or slow it down. I am still talking to the doctor today. I think this is happening to heal my Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Hej, just want to say Thank You for Your Prayers. I feel better. My Back not hurt now, i just feel a Irritation, like there is something i can't say what it is. There is no concrete result yet. It's all in Progess now.
  • If so, a hot desert winds are expected almost everywhere on Earth and worldwide power outages. You should have an Eye on the Sun Flares. Take Care 🙏
  • Solar Flares will become stronger in 2021.
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In an effort to lighten my energies I am writing about my experience as a "Walk in"  My body age is now 80 - my personality age (containing soul) is 74 because I entered this body during anaesthetic in an operation to save my life in the year…

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"This is from the Movie:"Heal" on Netflix Channel. That are Life Storys."
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"You can heal a lot yourself with the self-healing powers of the body. It is mainly the diseases that occur due to stress. We sometimes take a lot of medicines and a lot of it causes even more illnesses. They just have to go into themselves and use a…"
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