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  • Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939, accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.-maybe there is a way to adjust cameras to observe different/ measure other worldly frequencies/vibes
  • Kirlian photography and Delbruck scattering are due to auras. So we must define aura etc well as 'the unseen entity that surounds the seen object'. The 'non-physical' provision is out dated as physicists have moved beyond what the seventeenth centuary physicist termed it 'the material'. Everything that affects the seen world is called 'physical' since 'physical' is contrasted with 'conceptual'.
  • Somebody figured out how to photograph auras and spirits were captured on celluloid film and now digital all the time
  • I agree thay modern physics researches, such as LHC, LIGO, quantum computer, fusion research, muon measurements, black holes, big bangs, dark matter etc are a waste of public money! This money should instead be used to build useful technology. To merely satisfy curiosity, we should opt for the cheaper: brainstorming, intuition and spirituality. No need for experiments! For instance people knew that exo-planets exist over millenniums ago yet it is only recently do scientists begins to 'see' them!

    Someone posted that it is the stupid people who needs a lot of experiments. They crack every rock, inject pple, mice etc, disect animals etc.The smatter people merely reason things out, without any need for experiments. We don't need to observe the universe at all levels to understand. Neither is such an observation possible! String guys, for instance, tells us they need a particle accelerator as large as a galaxy to falsify it! So quantum gravity research is dead ended! In the end, physics will be like theology after all! So what is the point?
  • Physicists need to go back to spiritualism to go beyond observing the this 3d world-there are endless layers or planes where people live-it's amazing -from one to the next-subtle differences in clothing or the way things 'look'-it's probably variations in plane frequencies/vibrations--searching for new elements or variations of them seems like a waste of time and lots of money -open the veil(s) by finding different plane/dimension frequencies-but watch it! There is at least one entity I've seen that acts as an enforcer if you are trying to go where your not allowed.
  • Thanks alot for that information. I can now read it.☺

    Now the math of regularization and renormalizations, the one they use in calculating g-factor, might work, but for reasons other than QM! Infact I see the thus regularized wave as classic, like the wave on a guitar string! In the guitar, the higher the frequency (in the harmonics) the lower the amplitude, so that the resultant Fourier series is not infinite. Infact it has a natural 'cuttoff' when the wavelength equals the size of the molecules of the string.

    So they are unwittingly switching back and forth from classic to QM!

    Also note how physicists can discover 'the immaterial' provided they influence the seen. Of course they haven't seen anything 'material' affecting muon! Same would be the case if a ghost was in the lab! They would find it by noting that their theory, which exclude ghosts, does not adequately account for what they observe. This is because some effects are due to the unseen ghosts.

    Finaly notice that once they accept that something unseen is affectin muon, they will call it 'physical', even if they don't understand it! This highlight the meaninglessness of the label!
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  • R.Lovely, here's the link again:

    I see where you're coming from....and also intuit muons have a significance, just beginning to be touched upon now, within the Shifting awareness... ;)

    Re your question, yes they are, predictably. I hold the vision every day for the smoke&mirrors to dissolve in Light, and all veils of confusion to transmute and fade away... 🌟🌟🌟
    A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics
    Experiments with particles known as muons suggest that there are forms of matter and energy vital to the nature and evolution of the cosmos that are…
  • Are Trump supporters now criticizing Biden for doing things that Trump was doing?
  • RRN just out and out lies, huh? Wow.
  • Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION!
    Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION! - Real Raw News
    A military tribunal on Thursday convicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to m…
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