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  • What a beautiful rainbow orb experience Amparo, thanks for sharing... :)
    Keep warm in the chilly cousins in PA sent a photo recently of snow piled up around their house. Hard to imagine here in Perth summer (a mild 27C today, but about to crank back up to 37-38C/100F)...a little sprinkle of snow would be lovely!

    Blessings & love coming back to you, and all here ✨💛
  • I just came back home from Miami after eight days...Two different flights and a 52 degree difference from the 77F. degrees = 25 Celsius Miami's temperature to a 25Fahrenheit = minus -3.89 Celsius here in PA...I have to share that on my way to Washington D.C. I saw a beautiful orb...multi rainbow colors in the outside halo, then sky background and then a smaller halo in the center with a very small eye...I could only see it when I gazed at it by focusing intently...Then I took another flight in D.C. to Newark, NJ...When I got home it was snowing...I got here 9:30 PM US eastern time...Blessings to all and much Love,..
    I forgot to mention this halo orb was going at the same speed of the plane...
    Video: COVID Police Enter Home to Break Up Baby Shower Party
    Neighbors snitched on them.
    President Executive Order: Biden Has Signed A Record 33 In One Week
    Biden has signed more than three times as many orders as the previous four Presidents COMBINED
  • Biological weapons are prohibited. It would really be at the bottom of humanity to use such a thing to wage war.
  • Coronavirus is not the first Pandemic we had, there more and these have kill more Peapole then in the War.
    The 1918 Influenza Pandemic
  • Hologramm tec.
  • I downloaded one of those thaosands of CIA documents. It just talk of sightings as documented by CIA. So they tell us nothing new. CIA is like just saying, well, we too have seen UFOs and we don't freaking know what they are!

    So you wonder why they were hiding these! Do they fear looking like there is something they don't know?
    THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE: UFO documents made available online
    THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE: UFO documents made available online
    Finding Archangel Michael’s WW2 Army, Sweeping Waves of Intense Transition, Evolving Laws
    OTHER LANGUAGES ARE STILL AVAILABLE; CLICK LANGUAGE IN THE TOP OF THE RIGHT COLUMN — > If viewing this on mobile, the translate button is at the bott…
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"Yes and we can't take anything with us. Just the memory. That's why it's important to collect positive memories, if possible. I wonder if I am ready to leave everything. This can also be done for another reason. Perhaps we need to be temporarily…"
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"Every day we should remind ourselves that we will die, even when we are healthy."
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"I know a little boy who is only four years old and his father had been infected with the coronavirus and is now in a coma in intensive care. The family cannot visit the father because they are not allowed to visit him. It would be too dangerous,…"
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"I think Question is what is this Situation tell me, even if this virus exist or not or if i have it or not. In Fakt i need to be Vaccinated or i lose my Job. Maybe other Peapole have the same Situation."
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"People are vaccinated and the elderly in the retirement home are not asked but forced to do so. Some old people did not tolerate the vaccine well and died. If you ask me what's on my mind. Then i know now why i need healing within my Body and Soul.…"
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