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I would like to share an article that was in this weeks local paper ( The Sun ) here in the Tweed Heads area of NSW in Australia.

There have been and will continue to be many siteings of ships around the world, but I was impressed that this article actually made it into the general news (FREE paper).


Eagle-eyed Tweed and Gold Coast residents have been urged to watch the sky for UFOs this winter after two sightings near Mudgeeraba. The central hinter-land area has become a hot spot for UFO sightings, with multiple reports of glowing lights. Sightings were reported in late March and last month, the beginning of the colder months in which fewer encounters are usually reported.

UFO Research Queensland, said the encounters lasted an unusually long time. "A mother and daughter reported seeing two bright red lights nearly half the size of the moon on April 23 that remained stationary above the road for a few minutes before it took off". >> "Several other people reportedly stopped to see it as the second light lingered before disappearing seconds later."

"Back in March there was a sighting above the bushland between Robina & Mudgeeraba (QLD) when a man reported seeing bright orange lights above his girlfriends house."

People were urged to continue reporting sightings during the colder months.

Reports of sightings of UFO Research Queensland have skyrocked since "The Sun Newspaper" published a Varsity Lakes woman's close encounter of the first kind last year.

>>Seeing a UFO is known as a close encounter of the First Kind.

>>Physical evidence brings that rating up to the Second Kind.

>>While CONTACT with a UFO is a close encounter of the Third Kind.

To report a sighting call >> 0733 761 780 or email


I know that this article pretains mostly to the people of this region in Australia, but thought that if anyone else in any other parts of Australia had a UFO sighting or contact that there is a viable source that they could contact if they choose to share.

Blessings...with EYES WIDE OPEN

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Comment by Sunspiritsmiles on May 17, 2012 at 7:16pm

Thanks for your comment...but please don't shoot the messenger. It's more about giving people of this Country a contact to share.

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