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so the launch of this rocket is near about a couple of days

What are these koreans really up to ......................... they told the world its a satelite to watch the crops etc  ***&*&*&*( rubbish...............

spy stuff some say its a bomb america already has their missiles ready to intercept should the need arise.........................

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What the koreans are up to is trying to scare everyone, that's about it.

And they're doing it for the Cabal. North Korea is just a cabal puppet, its a fear and slavery tool.

They just launched the rocket.

And the launch failed. :D

Somebody pushed the "Lunch" button



I mean really, did anybody expect it to do anything?

Controversial North Korean rocket broke up shortly after launch

I wonder why :P

I read they launched the rocket already, and it broke apart in the air. And I attribute that to the energies, these kinds of things are not being supported now, I believe. And I can definitely see in my life, and in the lives of others around me...that things that are not in purity, and in balance...and things that are based in the old ways...are not being supported now.

Hi - Yes news reports this afternoon said it had failed and broke up in the Yellow Sea area and the Sth Korean Navy was looking for debris?  Anyway we were told a long time ago the GFL would stop any Nuclear program type ops and I guess this is evidence of such - well done GFL!!  (I really do not care what the world govts are discussing and taking action about - end result is no rocket in orbit etc.,!!) Hugs and kisses Gailene xxoo


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Added by john on March 1, 2015

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