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My book about ascention and the difficulties of getting it published.

I have recently finished writing a book which I feel could be very helpful to people in preparing for ascention and the changes involved; however I seem to be having alot of trouble trying to find someone who actually wants to publish it. I've put everything into writing it over the last six years and if I don't get it published I will be devasted beyond repair. with Ascention just ten months away, something needs to happen fast. The thing that gets me is that I always felt I was being guided to write this to help the world, but it seems I am no longer getting the support guidence I need to actually get it published...

... does anyone have any comment on this?

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why should we prepare for something which should just come naturally and in our own time? 

Everyone who's "really" gonna be ascending surly will know what to do as they will have gain all the knowledge they will need. maybe the ones who are being herded to this 5 dimension which they speak of could just do with a sheep dog to help instead of a book?  xXx

Long time no see Draco


Ebooks are now proving popular.  They give the author control and more power to sell their books through a person's own website, rather than facing the knockbacks of a publishing company.


Don't rely on a publishing company.  You can 'self-publish' if you have the finances, but if you don't, I'd suggest an ebook and see if you can sell it on some spiritual websites?  Offer the owner of the website a commission to help sell it.


Many of us feel we have knowledge that could help many people.  I'm also in the same boat as my books are held up with the publishers (self publishers).  I'd be very grieved if I can't help people and pass on what I know.  It would seem pointless and have no meaning at all.  So you are not alone there. 


Also ascension is not 10 months away!  We are ascending now and growing and learning and changing. 


However, changes are no doubt going to happen.  Maybe our knowledge could be offered in the new world? Maybe someone in this world might find our book in print, and keep the knowledge stored and use it.



Quote: We are ascending now and growing and learning and changing

Does this mean the spiritual sites are gonna get more quieter from now on and the under takers and gonna be raking it in?  

Yes ebooks are popular & the self publishing method :) but the self publishing method can be expensive...and sometimes a waste of time too.

best thing to do is to send your manuscript to an agent and if they accept it, they'd be able to link you to a publisher deal.

The most important thing is to hold faith it will be published; you dont need to know how, state your intention and hold firm, something will crop up through your "trying".

I write alot also :)


Hi star, thats good advice regarding agents... actually I have already contacted some of them about it. If I want to get it published with a big company its pretty much the only option. with self publishing I'll have pretty much no marketing power so no one will ever read it. What do you write about?

self-publish your book through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing

or Apple's iBookstore

One way to attract sales is to sell in a very cheap price.

Dunno maybe like a test-sample book so people will have an idea at how you write.

you may also join Affiliate Programs (give commission to marketers) and register your ebooks.

good luck!

I think you already wrote your book to be read around internet by the way of your posted opinions and ideals.

Draco, Do you have resources to self publish & self promote? I recently completed a book venture with author Roger Lanphear of "Spirituality of the Third Millennium" . This recently released manuscript provides tools for seeing and clearing unhealthy thoughts & patterns with Invocations, Meditations and Practices for right now. We utilize the violet flame. This book was published at Dog Ear Publishing. For $4500 USD we were able to create website, publish and have book ready for sale through e-book and through We now have book on Facebook and linked with Google Search for a monthly fee. Perhaps you can raise monies for self-publishing. This is challenging route to go but if your book is supposed to sell it will. I would be happy to review and provide comments for you. I hope this helps.  

Draco... i would suggest to do what others have said also here, and look for internet publish as an e-book... its easier i think..

for to find a publisher out there to back you up, they need to be sure, or have a hunch, that the book will sell for them to make a profit..

if they know the book wont sell, they wont publish it in any way... u can write the best book in the world for all i know, but it if wont sell, u will never find a publisher... and u can write the silliest mumbo-jumbo but it they know it will sell, they will be open to you and put down the red carpets, for u to walk on...

its sad, but thats out social reality...

Why not give it away?  Selling a published book of your thoughts seems silly if you're writing a book on ascension...  Especially if you think its purpose is to help the world....  If it is to be help the people that need it.  Then if you need $$ in short term - after being affected by your free book, people will come to you for answers/speaking engagements/counseling.  Listen to the universe dear DRACO.  Much love!  Joshua

Thanks for all the answers guys. self publishing might sound like a nice idea but I have zero budget to work with, so seeking representation through an agency is pretty much my only option. Furthermore, with self publishing you basically have no marketing or distribution power so hardly anyone would ever read it that way. By the far the best thing to do is get an agent, as star has said, but that of course is not easy. Hopefully I can do that... if not then I'll be worried...

Atisha, Please take a look at our book."Spirituality of the Third Millennium" is about enlightenment and shifting consciousness. It is for right now. It resonates with A Course of Miracles as it describes how our thoughts work and how to clear thoughts and patterns that no longer work for us utilizing the violet flame technology. This manuscript includes the "Love Connection" has an "Invocation for World Peace". We are slowly getting word out through self publishing and would prefer a publisher pick it up to sell for us. I can e-mail you a pdf of the manuscript. Send your e-mail to Roger through our web link at and I will forward book for your to review. The Summary, Table of Contents and three Chapters are included in the website already. Thank you for your love, support & consideration. 


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