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I call upon the three fold flame of our divine blue print, of original intent, enter and heal throughout all of my cells and any part of my body and interdimensional energetic layers of my embodiment, i allow Original first source of loving intelligents and intelligent love to flow through me into my soul and throughout my body, and I allow the golden white christ light of pure loving light energies, to penetrate my well beingness. I love you, I forgive you, I send you compassion

-Prime source of intelligent divine Make all that is imperfect, back into your loving design let us remember and take heed from lower worlds and consciousness To instruct all of we, and to call upon thee, even so it be me, To keep love intent focus, within thee, and mine soul let love be the way, and shower your golden light Let there be your Might! the flow of your precious power Flow within me, your one true source of eternal harmonic energy! And help let it be, the glow of your Violet Light To ask, that is not hard ,the changing of the guards, Oh how i call upon the Violate fire of transmuting flame, As dark as it might, thus it, could we be, remove all negative energy, from our consciousness, mind and soul I will it to be and I to from thee, i allow love to set us all free From this illusion, that it must not be, I call it out into to the light by transforming it's lowering intelligence, out from, within the night But not so as to fright, but try and make them good, just and right And good it will be, to all of eternity, let God's light re-wright, that page in history, We'll be in adage, free from that old age, in his/her new storybook, is of a Golden new age, I thankyou, Prime Creator, here's to a creations new page. I send whatever that is negative back into true source light For it is done i have asked, For 'Oh, how glorious, within us, that is, the truth of First Source. In a new way, and in a new world, the closure of lower dimensions, entwined and engrained, And from within side our hearts, old doors will be closed, and new ones enclosed To know this, you must heed, Our love will just be, To be this freedom's new energy, Of first source's, new trust And so if we can achieve, that one who looks inside The better to whom, thus wills, the truth of eternal light I Am a being of Violet Fire. This we must remove, all that is negative desires Let the world ablaze, the truth of first source Allow her love in, to show you, his light I am the golden child, new born of first light By will i shall might, the willingness to fight The struggles to become one, from this separation, we've all come And to home that we've longed, from that never lasting night. I Am That I Am, Forever Greatful in your's, Love is the key, as this, will always be. By Jason Steen

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