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Teal Scott on Ego Vs. Intuition

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst's YouTube Channel: Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst

Very cool video blog in which Teal talks about operating within the perspective of Intuition Vs. Ego.

  • Density of Physical Form
  • Ego and how it operates within the "Fight or Flight" mechanisms
  • How Ego feeds off of Anxiety, Fear, Judgement, and Resentment
  • Getting in touch with the True Self IE Intuition
  • Stepping outside of Ego, and Operating through Intuition
  • Getting control over your Ego
  • Living within the perspective of Higher Self
  • Meditation to Let go of the Illusion of Separateness
  • Making decisions based on Love instead of Fear

Hope this helps others in some way...  I think we are moving into "being" or existing within our Intuition, and I believe this is a part of Mastering the Self and walking into our "Godhood" or "Goddesshood" :)

It's really difficult to wrap my consciousness around some of these things, at the same time it seems totally natural to exist within the mind-frame of "Intuition".

Once we start dialing into our Intuition, we don't feel shadows are around every corner, and we are able to allow the Light to penetrate our being and we can know true One'ness.

Infinite Gratitude


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Glad you like it Altea ~ it really hit home with me as well :) <3

WOW!! very very cool thank you for posting this!! great stuff thank you

When I am in that area of intuition i trust it but it is so faint and easily over powered by the ego. This is my biggest challenge right now and for me, so far the only way to experience the intuition without ego is with drugs.

Glad you all enjoyed it!  

Fence, I understand where you're coming from.  

I think that if you do entheogens to expand your consciousness, you should be respectful in the way that you do them.  I know that psychedelics have a way of burning away the Ego (or transforming it), but for many it really is something that should closely looked at when energies are ramping up as high as they are right now ~ the reality we are currently living in and the Ascension process itself could qualify as a psychedelic trip... :) 

You should be able to take your experiences and apply them to making yourself a better person, and allow them to connect you with your highest Intuition if that is your true will.  Be patient with yourself and don't make things more complicated than they are, it is more simple than it seems.

Andy and Turtles, glad you enjoyed it as well! :)

Have a lovely evening <3


She expressed this really well for most anyone to comprehend.

   Learning to let go of transient needy desires is a good way to  experience the presence of now and avoid

disappointment when things don't go as planned.

   We quickly see what really matters in our life is likely already present.

Didn't say much about experiencing intuition however, in terms of personal foresight.

I remember the ego of mine will get so offended by jokes about me and my fake identity as well that I would literally defend it, even though it wasn't an intension of hurting me. Lol I signed a contract with my ego so I have control over it for eternity. :)

Thank you Delilah777

Much love and light!


Robby :)

Glad you enjoyed it, the credit definitely goes to Teal, I am just passing along her message... 

I can relate with you wanting to understand the experience of intuition and using it for personal foresight.   

I think I do experience intuition as personal foresight but it's more of a "flowing" feeling and not something I can necessarily use to "predict" the future, or what will happen - at the same time I am not saying we won't get to that point to some degree, but the mystery is also a part of what makes things interesting sometimes and it is necessary.

At the same time, I can sometimes "sense" what will happen and my senses turn out to be correct, this is evidence for me on a Spiritual level, and helps me to understand that I am "learning" and I am on the correct path... or a good "positive" path.

I think that is where you were going with your question...Does that make sense, and have similar things happened to you? 

Thanks :) 

beingoflight888  Nice!! :-)  

I want to say, that I feel that I am in a "partnership" with my Ego in many ways.  I think the key is reaching a level of understanding or compassion where you're Ego is also able to learn from your Intuition and they merge into... something more than the sum of what they were separately...

That's what I feel has happened to me sometimes, through my experiences.


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