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ALEX JONES RESPONDS TO THE CORPORATE MEDIA CLAIM HE IS "an actor" (and note that Google and Bing still call him a "conspiracy theorist," and ignore his 40 million viewership per week for his show).

For Alex Jones' response to this inversion of reality, click and jump to 3:00.

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I should make it clear, in my previous reply, I was merely pointing out that Alex lost his case, nothing more. I'm not taking sides although part of me feels sorry for Alex in a way and I probibly would have felt sorry for his ex-wife if she had lost but overall I'm neutral on this one. Fighting a custody battle is an emotionally draining and stressful thing for any couple and indeed, for their kids. The verdict in this case is that his ex-wife won sole custody of their children, and because Malcolms post relates to the court case, I felt that the verdict fit's into the discussion, that's all.


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