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Ok, this is something I have wondered for some time now and I can´t understand why? Ever since I was child I have found fangs very interesting! In my young teens I started to find fangs very hot and sexy and I can´t understand why? When I was young teen I started to draw comic books, most of them was about aliens witch had fangs and looked humanoid....however this aliens where good guys and not evil once that Hollywood want to picture vampires....Still today I think fangs are very sexy....I just can´t figure out why? One thing came to my mind when I once was reading about blood sacryfice that the incas and azrects did...One thing that came to my mind was vampire..When I was in my teens I made this comic book about an alien that had fangs, he lived among the aztecs and married a human girl...and they where very happy together....Wierd....most of my comic books have been more or less about aliens or vampires, Altantis, old cultures as aztecs,mayanz etc...Somehow I get the feeling that since there is so meny civilisations upp there, who knows if there are humanoids that looks like the pleiadeans and andromdenas but who has fangs? I mean since there are reptilians, humanoids with fangs that looks like the nordics, pleiadeans and andromedans would not bee to inpossible would it?

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Well you know, there is something kind of erotic about it. Idk, but your right there is some kind of something that may have them. I mean most humans have at least 4 from birth and their pretty sharp too. It's a shame it gets played up as a bad characteristic to have since most everyone has them. Animals have them even more. Great observation.

Well,exactly,that is my point! Also i have noticed that some adult humans have actually pretty sharp and long once too, that looks more than likely like fangs! Take for example Peter Steele from Type O Negative! His teeth where so long that you could almost think he was a vampire. So, who knows if some aliens have fangs...Yes I agree that fangs for me is very erotic and sexy! :D

I would not mind if Xzai-On happend to have fangs. hehehe

I know right? I say the more we grow the more we should appreciate our diversity. Everyone has something that can be an enhancement to another kind of being. lol. Yeah that would be cool.

This is the inca god Pahuatun. What dos it look like that this god has to you? That is right, fangs! :D There are meny other gods around the world that is pictured having fangs. So you can start to wonder if some of our fellow aliens actually have fangs. As everyone know, the ancient humans depicted theyr gods as they looked for them... :)


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