"Winged Being" Chased by Security Guards (Indonesia)! - May 6, 2012

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CRAZY footage of a "being" with Huge Wings being chased after by Security Guards in Indonesia! http://www.riggedreality.com NYC812's Channel: http://www.yout...

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  • Then, today when i wanted to see this video again i saw that the part of David Icke was pklaced instead of the first video i saw.

    But then when i clicked on the link below the video i saw the video of the winged being in some kind of museum or public hall. Amazing by the way, but the first video i saw i also have never seen and i tell you i have seen already a lot.

    Because i was in real jungle in Costa Rica not so far from the Panama border, really 13 kms inside the jungle where i saw  a clear sky in darkness with spacefilled with stars and suddenly within maybe 5 seconds the whole sky was filled with like one black cloudy fog or something and i saw some lightship came down.

    It hoovered then it sunk undernead a hill in front of us (me and two local costa rican guys) and then i saw a huge flash over the entire region of jungle and three more little light balls came out and flew afther each other along that hill !

    Love, peace and a lot of understanding for everyone ! ! !

  • I've seen the first video and it was the filming of the foot of a vulcano where you could see that in the middle there was something bright white poking and some opening started to come and some kind of bright white light shining trough it. It kept on coming bigger and bigger and then white UFO's or orbs came out. You could also see two white light UFO's hoovering next to the vulcano.

  • LOL that's funny. What the heck happened here?

    Fo those interested, I found a longer version and a breakdown of this being.



    Love and Light



  • WHO THE F--- vedio thised this and why?

    the true reason the world needs to change

    I for 1 am very desturbed about things like this


    i also know it must be

    their is a reason for this

    but please , dont brodcast such upsetting material

    peace to u all

  • incredible


    Hello all......FYI.....the video HAS been switched out.......the ol'switch-a-roo.......what i originally posted is NOT what you see above......i have NO idea other than following along with this video.......what i "had" found was a CCTV video feed from Indonesia where what i watched was plane crazy........crazy good that is......for all and any who "did" happen to see the orginal video.....what you were seeing ( my opinion - guides affirmation ) was NOT evil......"that" can no longer inhabit this altered state of realitie(s).......vibrational level too high now......what you did see was a "brother/sister" ......winged.....making their arrival in a VERY needed place....."The Return"......it is upon us.





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They may have been for ages watch video @ https://youtu.be/XlQYDy5Wc-0
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One to watch and make your own decisions @https://youtu.be/_YlPx0-ebVU
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"Elon: “The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened…”"
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"@Hellen. Yes! Thank you for sharing. Eternal gratitude to you."
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"Everyday the souls of humanity continue to leave the planet earth for thousands of years they first go to the astral realms and some do reincarnate to other places including our planet earth and to the higher planes but theses places are protected…"
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Very interesting..watch 3 videos on this subject:https://soulheartjourney.com/lemuria-and-atlantis/
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