Concord, NH


March 28

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i have very meny interest, in all areiers,of life. ive ben merried for 38 years my wife is a godest. we have meny pets 8 parrots 2 dogs and 6 cats/ restqued. alot of work to care for them properly. we love live and support it in all aspects.

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  • Hi Anu .. !!!

    it is good to know that we are neighbors ... ;)


    8114033485?profile=originalMuch blessings, love and light

  •   :~) Splendid work Anu! (~:

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anu commented on Maniel's video
"? WTF"
Sep 5, 2012
anu commented on tabitzah1's video
"we see plenty of chemtrails here in the northeast,
prob a new chemical test.
where is the location of this?
May 30, 2012
anu commented on Karma's Helper's video
"WHO THE F--- vedio thised this and why?
the true reason the world needs to change
I for 1 am very desturbed about things like this
i also know it must be
their is a reason for this
but please , dont brodcast such upsetting material
peace to u all"
May 10, 2012
anu commented on drago kulic's video
"no sound ?"
May 1, 2012

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"Hi AE.....Well, the policy of capping energy bills is definitely working and only the left believe otherwise....Moreover, I can state that my energy bill reduced from £105/Month, up till September, down to £38, now, in October....My direct debit is…"
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"Drexk - now the Tories are getting blamed for the rise in energy bills"
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"The rinos are owned by the same corporations as the demoncats;
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"Hi AlternateEarth.....Well, the new King was going along with this "climate emergency" tripe, because he, along with his close pal, David Attenborough, invented it....This idiocy started with Attenborough, back in the 1970s and Charles, being…"
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"I was interested in how Fox business would view the Truss policies to date, so discovered this positive commentary....Albeit, this was five days ago and the pound has since rebounded a few points....as the markets calm down their illogical…"
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"Drexk-do you think the new King is just going along with the globalist gang so as not to get himself in trouble?"
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"This might surprise some nations, such as the USA, but the UK's new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has ORDERED King Charles and his son, Prince William, to stay away from COP27....(The globalist hippie, love-in festival, for green meanie dreamers and…"
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