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March 28

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i have very meny interest, in all areiers,of life. ive ben merried for 38 years my wife is a godest. we have meny pets 8 parrots 2 dogs and 6 cats/ restqued. alot of work to care for them properly. we love live and support it in all aspects.

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  • Hi Anu .. !!!

    it is good to know that we are neighbors ... ;)


    8114033485?profile=originalMuch blessings, love and light

  •   :~) Splendid work Anu! (~:

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anu commented on Maniel's video
"? WTF"
Sep 5, 2012
anu commented on tabitzah1's video
"we see plenty of chemtrails here in the northeast,
prob a new chemical test.
where is the location of this?
May 30, 2012
anu commented on Karma's Helper's video
"WHO THE F--- vedio thised this and why?
the true reason the world needs to change
I for 1 am very desturbed about things like this
i also know it must be
their is a reason for this
but please , dont brodcast such upsetting material
peace to u all"
May 10, 2012
anu commented on drago kulic's video
"no sound ?"
May 1, 2012

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"So it seems save to say that the body does not 'contain' the soul, but the latter has some connection to the former. Indeed the soul might not be in the same spatial location as the body at all! The analogy of the voice in radio not beeing in the…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"No, I never said that a Soul is, or could be "contained" by the physical dense body...Indeed, neither is the Divine Monad (spirit) contained within a soul...BUT, they each have connectors, which travel through them and maintain connectivity, as…"
2 hours ago
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"If you take a look at many of my blog post I have been punching holes, for a while, on the common idea that the body is a 'container' somehow housing another entity termed 'soul'. I noted that a so called 'material' thing cannot contain a so called…"
4 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
David Ickes Latest watch @ https://youtu.be/HNtvC70Wbsk
8 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Humans Must Learn To Distinguish Between Right And Wrong And Choose Righteousness A lot of humans are doing things that are wrong and a lot if told off attack the person who is telling them that what they are doing is wrong. STOP ...THINK...CHOOSE…
11 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"Thanks, Agarther. Neither the Balkans nor the rest of Europe needs someone like Kurti. I don’t know how popular he is among the Albanians, let’s hope that they don’t get carried away."
11 hours ago