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LOVE HAS WON! COME JOIN MOTHERGOD, ORION, KRYON, THE GFL! AND THE FIRST CONTACT GROUND CREW TEAM FOR IMPLANT REMOVALS!http://firstcontactgroundcrewteam.com/blog1.php/amazing-testimonial…The Importance of the Implant Removals~ What is occurring as these are taking place is that we are removing the blocks that have prevented everyones natural state of evolution from progressing as well as disconnecting everyone from the powers who were’s control, though this Miracles are Occurring Quickly! Love is taking over! Join us Live Tonight in these Intensly Magical October Energy for Some Healing Magic! Bring Your family and Family Pets tonight for implant removal and DNA Repair if they are open to receive these Gifts from us as WELL, Live Chat and Love Music.Link for Implant Removals: http://tinychat.com/connectwith5d Save Your Life Today!Thank You ALL for Your Continued Service in Love!WE LOVE YOU!

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Posted on 06/05/2023 by EraOfLight — Leave a reply Because your mind is free to travel to any other point in time and space, you have the capability to view the future at will. It does take time and patience to bring back the information you…
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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We have been taking all the time in the world to release ourselves from the bondage of limitation, limitation that keeps us in our current dimension. And we have been…
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What if Jesus came and find a Japanese or a Frenchman etc enacting a film about Jesus. Will Jesus be furious about it? ! A 13 year old child, who have read the Gospels, will laugh at this ridiculously simple question. Jesus is just not that type of…
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One of the great rock and roll memorabilia mysteries concerns Led Zeppelin and claims of their use of ancient ceremonial magic practices. If this is true, then The Four Royal Stars of Persia (and a few other noteworthy stars used in ceremonial…
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View Full Articles @ http://www.UniversalLighthouseBlog.com/blogPlease Use your own "Personal Discernment" on all content posted. What doesn’t resonate for you, May well be, a message for someone else. It is not your place to make choices for…
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"ACC members, friends.....LET THIS DATA SINK IN........!!

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