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  • Yes well her mother is an ancient starseed also,she knows whats going on fully, and protects her totally,she wants the best for her, not to shut her gifts down but the opposite to open them up,she has a lot to offer this planet despite her disabilities....

  • YEs my friend,We understand very good in our talking ,if you are not in box of this society...they want to make you crazy..and add you TRIGERS for better controling :)

    Is nice what hear that child is safe & protected...alowed and understand from his parents.

  • Ahhh yes I know what your saying fully,as certain countries they cant accept anything that's 'outside the box',your labelled crazy & given drugs to be numbed down,labelled ADD,Bi-polar,schizophrenic & many other things...

    But I myself am a Blue Eckatic Crystalline Indigo child,Generation Three (Gamma),I was thought to be autistic as a child,and many other labels Asbergers another,then epilepsy to name a few,yet I'm none of the mentioned,..say 'gifted'  & yeah I'd agree with that terminology,I'm an ancient soul...starseed..cosmic soul origin from planet Maldek..

    And yes your correct she is a 'Crystal child', she has come into this world with many medical issues & obstacles to adjust to this life with and yet she is overcoming all of them,has been diagnosed mild autistic,she's also had a major Craniosynostosis surgery a few years back,suffers from Lymphedema & may end up in a wheel chair later in life sadly,she also requires constant contact & reassurance & routine or she freaks out ... she's a very sensitive empath & cries at the worlds negative energies shes surrounded by,unconditional love just oozes from her soul & anything to do with animals etc OMG she's a weeping mess,she loves animals soooo much.. such a beautiful child..Her mother is wonderful & part of my soul family and our souls have traversed many life times,we have memory recall from way back to our first incarnation lifetime together even...I know this sounds weird... but I think you understand fully what I'm saying..society is awakening to the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children right through to the Octrines these days.. I've spoken to my own psychiatrist about them even very openly, & they know what they are about..this child is safe & protected she certainly wont be institutionalised.. 

  • Dear Vlada.I watch this video from your friends from Schotland...Is amasing energy what feel from this child and room...and his daughter is one CRYSTAL CHILD. Can tell her parents to give her one crystal and see what will happend.They parents can learn too much from daughter.I am happy what see that more people attract and can talk with ORBS.But please tell parents to be aware because one friends from Nederland who have child who can feel and talk with flowers,society want tomake it crazy and want to put in some PSYCHIATRY.this is like dead for child.will become closed from within and will not to talk with nobody :( .wish you one blessed weekend.

  • Vlada is my name,& Yes I have watched all your video on youtube with the light orbs and shared them with others also,they are beautiful and your interaction with them is just wonderful also..I have a soul family friend in Scotland who also shares her home with blue & pink & white orbs who are like soul guardians to her disabled daughter...she has filmed them also coming out the walls & dancing with her daughter in the room...see her video below of the blue orb coming right up to the screen from the wall & the others dancing past her real fast, she then goes out the room to talks to them LOL...

    also her daughter talks to them in her own language & ways using hand mudra's,it's wonderful to see....Sorry I'm not on Facebook & never will be,its a horrible place filled with too many negative mindsets & people I just dont want to be around them.. but I will look in on your facebook page from the link yo provided,I have also looked in on your website..I love seeing these special soul guardian orbs..

  • Dear friend √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። from my awakening orbs are part from my home...more video you can see on you tube on my chanel...

    or in fb on my page is added around 60 video from last 2 years...

    everyone who want can add me there for friend...

    wish you blessed weekend

  • Iv'e seen this before by others who have also filmed their chi energy mists or hand light beams.....but I do like the orbs moreso in the footage seen fully at 0:10 on the counter that fly out from under your bed cover or what ever cloth your sitting under that's really cool....


  • for more video with manifestation on my chanell:

    or personal on

    light- healer
    JUST ME...PURE LOVE AND LIGHT...SHINING FOR ALL OF YOU...I TALK WITH DEEDS...NOT WORDS... All what need light healing,upgrade,rainbow light codons av…
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