Letting GO ~ "Pleiadian Event" Level I of the Self Healing Prophecy (excerpt) - Christine Day

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www.frequenciesofbrilliance.com - Christine Day hosts Level 1 of the Self Healing Prophecy. This 10 minute clip from the live broadcast event features a few of the questions and answers posed by Alisa Logan to Christine Day.. This "event" took place on February 1, 2009.A CD is available through the above web address. It contains the following tracks:Track 1. Set up for the "Letting Go" process. The importance of setting intentions.How much are you willing to receive for yourself. This sets up a powerful setting for theTransmissions. Using the Conscious breath. It works in integrating light through the cells.Track 2. "Letting Go" Process. Energy is transmitted from the Pleiadians to assist us in therelease of stress, struggle and tiredness built up in the cells for lifetimes. This creates theactivation of opening to the new energies for the Self Healing Prophecy that have beenopened for us here on this earth plane, at this time.

Track 3. 10 minute "Transmission of Light" that activates your own light, so you receive thetransmitting energy from a higher aspect of yourself. This 1st Transmission also preparesthe cells to activate and align with the Self Healing Prophecy.Track 4. 10 minute "Transmission of Light" The Self Healing Prophecy energy allows for allhuman beings to begin a self healing process on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.As this energy begins to birth through the cells, the aspect of our light anchors morecompletely through the cells. We begin to experience a new sense of harmony within ourselfand within the world. This is our natural birthright, to claim the heritage of our ability toself heal at this time on this earth planeTrack 5. "Pleiadian Blessing"Each time you listen to the CD recording, it will move you to another level.

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