Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project - SupremeMasterTV (Dec 2011) - FULL

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This was from Supreme Master TV. The television show was called Golden Age Technology that featured The Venus Project. The title of the segments was called Designing a Future of Peace and Progression - Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. This aired in late December 2011.

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  • yes... your questions are very valid, and to the point...

    thats exactly what its all about... its about new values... its not about technology, or "cool designs"...

    yes, the majority of people, cant grasp it yet... Education is of paramount importance.. and then, more Education!!!

    the working people will start question the system, when they cant pay their bills...when they left in unemployment because of  automation in workplaces... when the government taxes the hell out of them..when they dont have health care...etc... sadly this is the way that the average human wakes up, from its current hypnotic state,... they will start question the politicians and those who govern them... (because the bottom line is that politicians cannot solve problems... they can only talk nice words, invent laws, pass bills and budgets, and declare wars..)

    and when they wake us they start looking left and right, and start questioning things... its the hardest part for one to shift his/her values...

    all changes so far in society have become from pressures... either socio-economic, or from natural disasters..

    here he is just proposing a system which aims for maximum efficiency and sustainability for the world...

    people when they open their eyes and wake up, at least will have an option, whether they want to move in this direction or not...

    i believe humanity will move towards such a system inevitably, if they want to survive in the long run... and the time in our current wasteful ways in running over...

  • Don't you think that in some way for us to use resources and the knowledge all of us need to be re-educated, not only with 'money concept as obsolete' but also the whole system and people in general ... how do you introduce this to a working people .... do you think that they are ready .... as this vision  based on moral values of humanity .... sorry for silly questions ;)

  • ...well, in fact it doenst needs any funding for this...

    like Jacque says,  The question is not: 'Do We Have the Money to Do it?"... but rather, "Do we have resources and the know-how to Do it??".. and the answer of course is YES...we do have the resources, and the knowledge... we only need to realize this direction as humanity, and more towards it... 

    this concept is not about someone will build a magical theme-park, with funding from sponsors, and then open the gates to invite us all in... its about we all work together to this direction...to change our system to something  sustainable and beneficial to all people...

    we need to think outside the money paradigm, for to realize this.. ;)

  • This is amazing! The only things we need to see it through - huge amount of funding and 'new people' inhabiting this planet .... ;) oh .... there is a lot of healing and learning ahead ... but the concept is very visible ....

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