God is THE LOA hidden in Plain Sight - above, below - The Secret is Here

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God is LOA hidden in Plain Sight - above, below - The Secret is HereHence the reason the physical human body was created of this existence from this existenc...

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  • God is LOA hidden in Plain Sight - above, below - The Secret is Here

    Hence the reason the physical human body was created of this existence from this existence: through the creation of the physical human body as the physically manifested as this existence to have control and power of and over existence.
    And to specify this dominion. the mind consciousness system was created and designed in the image and likeness of its creators, to so be able to directly control the physical with regards to what the physical reality will manifest as and evolve as within the physical itself, and at the same time, control and have power over and of the beings in existence.
    So, creating creation one enslaving the other, one dependent on another trapping all here in and as the physical through the design of the mind consciousness system, manifested in and as the physical itself for in essence, still, the physical is god as all parts are dependent on the physical to exist and experience itself or function, e.g. the mind consciousness system and the being within it.
    The physical can stand alone in existence and exist and be here as it is; a being and the mind consciousness system cannot. Without the physical and the mind a being is nothing. This is what weve become in the dimensional existence.
    So the mind consciousness system no more exists as a separate system, but has become physically manifested. Therein why the physical is god-manifest. So much so, that you do not even see yourself creating as it, through it, within it. That this reality is in detailed, specified absolute fact being created by you within the mind consciousness system as the physical.
    The physical has become a living, breathing, systematic organism; the actual god-manifest that is in complete control and the directive principle of existence that creates how this existence is and what this existence is - god.
    The mind consciousness system a system as the physical manifest the god of man the physical.
    God = System = Physical / Physical = System = God
    The existence of the physical as the mind consciousness system as god:
    Relentless as a system know not of compassion or concern for anything else because all that exists, is itself.
    Unforgiving as a system knows not of care or mercy.
    Specific as a system is a designed program, and within its very design as a programmed system to function as a system. It is designed and programmed within absolute specificity, and remains controlled within the specificity of its own design and thus always remain as the specificity of its design. Simply observe the existence of technology today within computer-evolution. It remains operational as the specificity of its design absolutely, and does not waver or fall or make mistakes.
    Brutal as a system knows not of feeling or morality or speciality. Yes, it may exist within a part of itself as a design, but in itself as the very existence of a system it is brutal. It does not give a shit about an individual human being according to what they feel. The system is god and will decide for itself. All being are expendable.
    Invisible - hidden in plain sight: god as the system is that which exists here within and as that which exists here as all that exists as the physical. And you cannot see that which you exist as, that which you are. There is no reflection to reflect upon. Because the god as system as physical, is everything, in everything as everything. It is that which stands before the mirror, is the mirror itself, the reflection seen in the mirror all that here is what is god, that which is what the system is as the physical. Therefore, it is invisible, hidden. Because a system cannot see itself. As god cannot see itself; it is everything as it exists.
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