Galactic Federation Of Light: Alpha Ship - November 11 2010

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Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!We have discovered some of the deadly plans that the dark forces have prepared, preventing or delaying as much as possible, the next date of our first joint meeting with you, human beings originating from Earth, and we, your brother and sister visitors.Due to the magnitude of their covert plans, we can deduce that they are already at a level of overwhelming desperation, and it is sad that they are shooting in the dark to avoid compliance with the Divine Plan. What they do not know, in all of their immense economic power, but little spiritual and global vision of Reality, is that nothing can undo what fate has in store for planet Earth. No force exists in the Universe that can successfully come up against the final decision of our Father-Mother God, which is what we appropriately call "destiny".Neither do they, the manipulators of darkness, know that we are aware of every step they plan and decide from their offices and hidden bunkers. We are monitoring all of their actions with ease, since all of their sites, which they believe to be hidden and secure, are known to us from the very beginning of their construction and placement.Poor fools, who believe they can continue maintaining their power and control over all of humanity on the planet, who are all equally children of God, and not just those who control and retain the majority of material wealth of all governments and nations of this world! Did they think that they could forever enjoy immunity from all Karma, which is a Cosmic Law that governs the operation and movement of all universal spheres?Of course not! And they are going to see very soon that they are not exempt from the law of retribution either, for much of the economic power they enjoy is tied to the degree of influence they have on the decisions they make in the government offices of the most powerful nations on Earth. No one is free from the consequences of their actions, whether good or bad, selfish or altruistic.Today is 11/11, which means a new cosmic portal, just like the previous month, 10/10, the day in which we spoke to you, as well. It does not mean that all the months that repeat the same day are special; however, for complex reasons where the various planetary and stellar influences are mixed with the effect of sacred numerology, some dates have a special influence on events occuring on each of the inhabited planets.If the inhabitants of each planet are aware of the influence of this day for your humanity, and carry out their spiritual work conscientiously and efficiently, it represents a very precious and invaluable help and contribution towards the materialization of the Divine Plan, for this planet in particular. So their individual contribution is very important in achieving of the mass release from the clutches of these diminishing forces that enslaved you for so many millenia of your linear time.Well then, dear brothers and sisters, what brings you back again to this new special date of 11/11?During this date, we have given instructions in some areas of information among you, so that you visualize more strongly than ever the effective and real materialization of the New Earth, where justice triumphs, [which is] the equality and fraternity amongst all human beings of Gaia, your beautiful blue planet. That nothing impedes the majority of you all as a valuable instrument for the New Reality to take form on the physical plane. More...

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