Drekx Omega ~ Albertan Baptism by Fire 5-10-16 2016 Galactic Federation of Light

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http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/albertan-baptism-of-fire-gfl-ground-crews-in-that-sector-should-1 Drekx Omega ~ Albertan Baptism by Fire 5-10...

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  • Of all the globalist fake leaders/politicians, on the world stage, currently, Canada's Trudeau, has to be the most repellent.....A particularly nauseating facade of artificial empathy, this politician has for the public...A great hypocrite for sure...

    And there are more of these maniacs, in positions of power, promulgating the same rubbish...

    "The Plastic Politicians of Globalism."

  • Speaking of Canada, I'm somewhat concerned by the dictator Trudeau, who is clamping down on freedoms there, with wild abandon...My Sirian starseed soulmate, Kelly, lives there...Hope she is doing well....

  • IPCC is not taking the sun in their equation, it's insane!
    but, so they can push the man made narrative
  • Electric Universe guys have an explanation. They say the sun is a 'variable star'.
  • and how do they explain that other planets in the solar system are also getting warmer? is it also man made? LOL
  • In 1972, "experts" warned of a new ice age by 2000...lol
    In 1989, we were told by the UN, that the world had 10 years to survive global warning, before it became irreversible...Al Gore said that by 2015, much of the world would be flooded..
    The UN still warns us about "climate change;" BUT WHO IS STILL LISTENING TO THIS MADNESS..?? Cry wolf and we laugh in their faces...😎
  • This absurd attack upon Carbon, by the inbred elites, is a sure sign of their madness, as well as their stupidity, in misjudging the public mood...Of course, their "climate" scam is truly about control and taxation...Carbon dioxide is essential for plants and these upper-class buffoons think we can all do without it......Mind boggling...
  • Electric cars that have aetheric antennas, to draw in power, make sense...Tesla knew of these. However, the current madness being promulgated, is that we should use batteries, which are charged by fossil fuels power...And of course, unaffordable for most people...The Dark Cabal is failing to get this message out, because they have been CHECKMATED..So lift national security restrictions on Tesla's work, fully, if you really want to go green...Of course, the global elites don't care about the environment, in truth...Just control over we the people..
  • True love for the planetary environment is commendable...However, the ideas of green cranks such as Greta Thunberg and Prince Charles, are simply window dressing for global carbon tax and the organized reduction of people's lives, by One World Government globalists...
    Carbon is not the enemy.....The central banking system is...It is they and their cohorts who seek a much reduced and traduced, Humanity...They will fail....
  • Brigadier Nebenzya changed GFL ground crew policy [globally] during his recent tenure of leadership.

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"Once again, I have posted a blog that I don't believe is true but I wonted to see if people believed it like the two foolish comments below.
Is this another Hitler who escaped from his crimes to humanity!? Did he get rehabilitated? I don't think so!…"
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There was a time when we had very little information. Now we have geysers of it—but in an information war the true is mixed in with the false and it requires a solid foundation of knowledge and sharp discernment to know the difference.The…
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"Yet another victim of the covid shot.....This example is someone called Jamie Foxx of Hollywood.....A familiar pattern of multiple examples of the vaxx side effects noted in people....Even when some may be in denial, the pattern is unmistakeable...…"
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I realy realy appreciate your concern. As usual, you don't hesitate to respond to anyone needing some help here in ACC.☺.....................................................But let me not answer you here as it is weird to 'chat' with people here by…
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"Yes indeed, the global "warming" hoax is being exposed by several factors, not least by NASA data itself, which is indicating that "May 2023 is much cooler than May 1998, in spite of 66% more industrial era CO2.."

The people are waking up to the…"
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"Thanks for saying so, Ivy.....Let's hope all nations can reach better times, but we all need to break globalism first...Of course, the UK now has a WEF puppet as PM, but at least we left the EU and they would find that hard to reverse,…"
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"This is literally a globalist scam rolled out in several countries at once.

Too bad that the UK is still suffering under a WEF puppet despite Brexit.

I wish you guys and the rest of the world better times 🤗"
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