Disk shaped UFO over UK, Feb. 2012, analyzed & enhanced

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Source - watch?v=OKA9VUMj72Y "This was taken a few days ago on my mobile phone, and lasted around 5 minutes, my phones memory lasted just over a minute, any...

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  • HEY! That orionis salut reminds me of the salut they did in acient efypt! COOL!

  • Jacques, Could you bee a dear and translate the text in the pictures?

  • Let me tell you what happened recently : thanks to the Eagle's Haven site which shares informations coming from Altair Division, I had sent the Orionis Salute to one of the Beings who is the Supreme Commander of Altair Fleets, Commander Val Thor... He enjoyed that I sent this Salute and sent back it to me !

    Channeled by Implant by his Soul Sister Valana Terese Thor...

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  • Very good one!Love it!:)

  • Is it possible that this kind of object belongs to the "Lord Angels " or coming from Lyra Vega. All of them come to balance our etheral body in order to help us for the transitional step for Ascension, that some of our Elders call the "Humanity Impact" .

    Don't be afraid about them, they "operate " overnight and if you might see them they wear big glasses to see us because for them, we are in the Darkness. Generally, they often come by three or four beings together...

    To be convinced of their intention, you may read what said one of them Velgan on the French site " www.autresdimensions.com !

    Thanks for your Attention !

    PS By the way, if you meet them or any of ETs, send before them the Orionis Salute I put here !  

  •  I found this interesting, but just not sure what to make of it really.

  • not sure what to think when i see this vid saw it yesterday for the 1st time, my eyes say its real but heart and intuition say something else, could be wrong for sure, just my opinion 

  • Wow!  This looks amazing Ben :)  

    Beautiful ~ thanks!!! <3

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