Charlie Chaplin Speaks

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  • wowow so that is how he brought voice to silent movie, with the power of one consciousness,one love in unity for progress in wisdom ,beauty,pleasure in unlimited amount. now the net is allowing us another chance to created a new world , a world off monetary system,a worlds of resource economy... a world of contacted with light been , where will manifest any thought and desire base in love ,light and unity.
  • This video speaks for itself, so true.....................
  • so true... charlie... so true
  • Ya know what?Someon should edit this video and ad some epic music.That would be awesome!
  • The Great Dictator was released in 1940. I have not seen this film in years but considering when it came out Chaplin's ideas were ahead of his time. Thank for sharing this Ben-Arion. This clip is one of the most powerful moments of the film.Blessings Loretta
  • I guess he is acting well in this film, because in his real life he was very close to be a pedophile.
    His female conquers, instead of being in the age of women, were very close to be teen agers, if not children girls.
    I learnt this with much shock !!
  • thank you Ben
  • Wouldn't that be something to see on The News at 10.
  • Charlie's right. It's an advice and warning to all neglecting humans. What he said will hopefully ring their alarm to real consciousness....before its too late for them. Status and luxury is a permanent physical illusion but love is undeniably immortal. From what he said, he voices the true rights of our people. Charlie, you are the 'leader' that we want.
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