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Q: P'taah, how is it that there are beings that are not tempted by the excitement, the energy of being here?
P'taah: Ah! Many are you know and that is wondrous because that which you term "the beings who are not tempted by the the vibrancy and excitement of the experience" are having their own different experience. 
And it is to remind you that you also exist in those other realms. You see, not only do you exist concurrently in all of your lifetimes simultaneously, you also exist in all realms, all dimensions, simultaneously. That which is the grand soul energy of you, that which is the thread, the divine, eternal thread, it is every where every now. 
That which is your soul energy--it is not human. Your soul is not human. Human is simply one expression, one reality, of the many realms and the many realities that you are experiencing in this Now. And of course the greater part of you are can tap into that which is this vibrancy any time. Does this answer your query, beloved?
Q: Thank you.
P'taah: Query?
Q: I'd like to know, P'taah, how can we contact these other parts of ourselves in the moment?
P'taah: Oh, beloved! How about trying to contact all of your own parts right here and right now? First, because we say to you, all of you so eager to experience these other dimensions of reality, that you have not even begun to tap what is in this dimension! You have not even plumbed the depths of who you really are in this life. So we suggest that the more and the more you come to know of this realm, of this perfect being, then indeed all of the other knowing will be made manifest to you. Putting cart before horse, beloved, eh?
Well, that is all right and you know we know how exciting it is for you all to be coming into this understanding and exploration of other realms, other states of consciousness, etcetera, etcetera, and the star peoples and the abductions and this master and that master and if you do not do it this way and you must do it that way and if you, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
And everybody has a different wondrous story for you. It is only a story! And the stories are wondrous,but they will not bring you Home! The stories will not bring you to that place of non-separation, that place of bliss, of wholeness. 
What will bring you to this place is being Now and how does it feel? And being in the embracement of who you are--of transforming fear and pain and anguish and desolation. Enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely. And all of the stories are wondrous fun but when you become enmeshed in them, you lose your way. All right, beloved?
Q: All right. Thank you.
P'taah: Query?
Q:  P'taah, I've experienced joy when you talk about volunteering for this game that is my human life. Is the forgetfulness, the fact that I forget that I'm a wondrous and grand being that you call me, part of that game or have I gotten lost?
P'taah: In a way it is part of it. You get caught up in the stories and of course when you become embroiled in the emotion of fear then indeed what occurs is the total separation, hmm? What do you think is separation? It is only fear. The act of faith is simply that when you are in the midst of that anguish, of that turmoil of that emotion, that you hold the idea of The More.
Q:  I wanted to ask in your view what is the soul, what is the high self or true self which is often referred to in literature today and how does that relate to what we refer to as an ascended being?
P'taah: That which is the soul energy is that which is the thread, the eternal thread if you like, the all-knowing part of you that knows itself not separate from the Source. That knows itself in all realities in every Now, um? 
That which is, in your terms, ascended master is one who knows this. We are not talking about intellect here - knows the place of non-separation. Now there are many who have indeed these moments of illumination, the epiphanies where they know with every fiber of their being the oneness, the wholeness and then after a little time it fades, hmm? Well, beloved, that is all right you know because the time will come when you will forget that you ever did not know.
Q:  Thank you.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on June 10, 2015 at 12:26pm

Thanks everyone, its amazing that this post is still getting hits after nearly two years. Blessings to all, L&L Adonai

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