Well,,,,,,,, Honesty is
and,,,,,,, honesty does
If you know what is
Then forget what was.
To control them with fear
wont work with me
I have ears to hear
and eyes to see.

Don't tell me what is
to make it mine.
Don't give me your rules
to break in time.
Don't tell me what happened
if referring to me.
Does it really apply
when you truly see.

Don't tell me you "know"
with a listen now.
you know not who I AM
I was born to know how.
Don't tell me you see
and never feel
projecting some comfort
pretending it's real.

Don't say what's right
then make it wrong
or flip the flop
making short things long
Don't give me restriction
you Play as protection
I'm here for my crown
For the true Election.

you can call me a brat
or call me a pain.
won't follow your rules
wont follow the game.
Forget all the lessons
I woke up in the center
you walk around
Through the doors I enter.

We'll,,,,,Honesty is
And,,,,,Honesty does.
You've changed all the stories
what really was.
You made up the rules
Prepare I make mine
telling the world
of a different time.

Player of puppets
what a blooper show.
I once was you
but we traded ya know.
I guess your forgiven.
I'm forgiven to.
Taking turns in the wheel
what each would do.

little they know
What happened here.
some have felt it.
can you feel me near.
So I laugh in your face
as you laughed in ours.
We'll be leading this show
in just a few hours.

You can call me a brat
or call me pain.
Oblivious ones.
calling out your name.
So honesty ......is
and honesty........does.
Holding on no longer
to what everything WAS.




 ;) We are in the most Amazing times.


I love you guys 

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  • Greetings to you J.A. Do you write often.
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