Hold On to Your Hat & Buckle Up!

Dear Reader, be warned that this article is going to take you down a deep rabbit hole you may not be able to fully extricate yourself from, once you go down it. Some of the discussion will be quite disturbing to many.  Some revelations will be hard to swallow, and many readers may not be able to accept these revelations as true right away.  Followers of Q are likely already familiar with much of the information contained in this article, but most have maintained silence on the matter; this is due to the following of reasons: 1) the subject matter is difficult to present without invoking a certain level of discomfort; and 2) much of this information will strain credulity with most people.  However, now that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested, the facts presented in this article will begin to appear in the news.  This is a preview of news to come.  The Epstein case will have the effect of a snowball rolling downhill, until it becomes a full-blown avalanche!  Q has claimed that once the Great Awakening has run its course, regarding the Satanic acts of members of Hollywood and DC elites, these Deep State criminals will no longer feel safe in public.  “The streets will not be safe for them,” says Q.  This is because their crimes are so heinous, so difficult to accept!  The same may go for those in the fake news media who are complicit in protecting these evil people; the coming onslaught of documentation will show the fake news to be the “enemy of the people,” as Trump has said all along.  So, proceed cautiously in the reading of this article.  Do not click on links that warn of graphic descriptions, unless the choice to do so is made with eyes open to the possibility of feeling disturbed by the information you might encounter.

If you are still with me, at this point, then hold on to your hat and buckle up for the ride!  Down the rabbit hole we go. . . . 


(Where We Go One, We Go All!)

An Intended Error

Q researchers know to be looking for messages in Trump’s speeches and tweets.  From time to time, Trump misspells a word in a Twitter post or makes an unusual statement that does not match the rest of what he has been saying.  The Democrat-controlled media always use these odd comments as an occasion for ridicule, but there is usually a method to Trump’s madness.  (If interested in the solving of Trump’s ciphers and riddles, please explore SerialBrain2 and Qproofs.com.)

On the Fourth of July, Trump did not disappoint the Q Movement.  It was raining outside, and this blurred the TelePrompTer screen, so there was some doubt at first as to whether Trump was misreading a blurry rain-streaked text or was actually intending to say, of the Continental Army, that, “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.”  Earlier in the speech, however, Trump had made mention of the Wright Brothers, and this may have been a bit of a clue that the strange utterance about airports may have been intended as a riddle.  When the call sign of ENDGM20 [Endgame 20] was later confirmed for one of the helicopters in Trump’s flyover event, the riddle was both confirmed and solved.  The Patriots fighting the Deep State had taken control of the airports and would soon take an important action that would start the Endgame of Trump and the Q Team’s chess game against the Deep State.  It would take only 48 hours for Jeffrey Epstein to be taken into custody at Teterboro Airport in Bergen County, New Jersey, in an undercover operation carried out by the Patriots.


Why Trump Was Recruited by Patriots in the Military to Run for President

According to Q, Trump was recruited by Admiral Rogers, on behalf of a Patriot group in the military that was concerned about the Obama/Clinton 16-Year Plan to Destroy America.  It was also Rogers who tipped Trump off about his being spied upon in Trump Tower, prompting the Trump Transition Team to vacate those premises.  (Learn more at the two links that follow: https://qmap.pub/read/3212 & https://qmap.pub/read/570.)  Before asking Trump to run, Rogers’ NSA would have investigated Trump to make sure he was a clean and honest person—one that could not be easily blackmailed by the Deep State.


One of the things that attracted Rogers to Trump was the fact that Trump was the only individual contacted by the District Attorney in New York who offered to help with the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein.  The Deep State propaganda media will try to connect Trump to Epstein in nefarious ways, to suggest that Trump was somehow involved in pedophilia, but, as with the fake Steele Dossier, this is not going to work. Trump has a long history of disapproving Epstein’s evil behavior.  According to Dave at the X22 Report: 1) Trump is “not in the flight log to Lolita Island, not even once—he hitched a ride back from Daytona Beach to New York City with Epstein’s son one time,” and there is “little doubt they tried like holy hell to get Trump to Lolita Island” in order to render him blackmailable, but Trump did not take the bait; 2) when “Epstein assaulted a young girl at Mar-a-Lago,” Trump banned him for life; 3) Trump “went voluntarily to the police to give a statement; at the time the police commented he could not have been more forthcoming” in his coöperation; and 4) Trump was “so boring at Studio 54 . . .  he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t take drugs, and he didn’t follow the pack, but what did he do [was] he saw everything that was going on . . . think about what he knows, because he played in the same arena as these individuals but didn’t cooperate (he [just] watched and observed, and he has the information).”

Trump’s Mission

Perhaps the most important goal of all, for President Trump, has been the shutting down of Deep State pedophile rings and human trafficking.  This would mean restoring the Constitution and reïnstituting the rule of law within the sovereign territory of the United States, as well as controlling the US border.

There are good reasons that Trump prefers not to have his intelligence briefings given by members of the CIA.  Besides having colluded with other three-letter agencies to spy on Trump during his presidential campaign, Deep State renegades connected to the CIA would eventually plot to get Trump entangled in the Khashoggi Incident in a way that would upset his efforts at shutting down the child sex-trafficking out of Saudi Arabia, the Deep State goal being to keep the region unstable, thus creating places for traffickers to more easily hide their activities.  Sex trafficking is a huge moneymaker for the Deep State, and their media have been egging on those who would use force to ignite military conflict.

The roll call of those who have served the Deep State’s interests above the people’s include every president after Reagan, except for Donald Trump.  Trump has rejected the pedophile culture of sex-trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse, even before he fully understood just how bad it was.  Some celebrities were Satanists from childhood, or at least were reared in a Satanic home.  Others in the movies, the media, and the government have been controlled by a Deep State that often arranges for uninitiated celebrities to be invited to private parties, wherein surprise events are sprung—scandalous happenings—that make those in attendance vulnerable to extortion.  Their mere presence at one of these occasions—that features such things as salacious nudity, sexual acts, or injurious rituals involving children—is used to initiate them into the “club.”  Trump was always careful never to be ensnared in such unvetted goings-on.  Elites knew this and feared it; since Trump was not a member of their “club,” he would be free, as president, to come after the Deep State.

Pedophiles, Sex Trafficking, & Satanic Ritual Abuse: Demystifying an Important Q Drop

On November 11th, 2017, Q dropped some important breadcrumbs.  Here is what Q posted: “Hard to swallow.  Important to progress.  Who are the puppet masters?  House of Saud (6+++) – $4 Trillion+ Rothschild (6++) – $2 Trillion+  Soros (6+) – $1 Trillion+  Focus on above (3).  Public wealth disclosures – False.  Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.  Think slush funds (feeder).  Think war (feeder).  Think environmental pacts (feeder).  Triangle has (3) sides.  Eye of Providence.  Follow the bloodlines.  What is the keystone?  Does Satan exist?  Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?  Who worships Satan?  What is a cult?  Epstein island.  What is a temple?  What occurs in a temple?  Worship?  Why is the temple on top of a mountain?  How many levels might exist below?  What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?  Why is this relevant?  Who are the puppet masters?  Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?  When?  How often?  Why?  ‘Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan’  Q”


So, the unriddled version of the above drop would go something like this: Some disturbing information needs to be thought about. Which families pull the strings of power?  The Saud family is the wealthiest of the three 6s, with over $4 trillion.  The Rotschild family owns over $2 trillion, making them the second most powerful of the three 6s.  George Soros’s family controls over $1 trillion, making his family the third 6 in power.  These three families are the main puppet masters, adding together to three 6s—666—to do Satan’s work.  These families never appear on lists of the richest people in the world, with their true wealth reported.  The Illuminati—a Satanic secret society that has infiltrated the upper echelons of Free Masonry, the Catholic Church, and other important associations, businesses, foundations, and charities—has as its symbol the All-Seeing Eye, and the governments of the world finance these evil people, “feeding the Eye,” as it were, by supporting the Central Banks, Arabian oil*, and Open Society Foundations.  Politicians receive kickbacks from money given to support foreign aid, business deals, and nonprofit organizations.  The Deep State desires war and customarily finances both sides of a war through the globalist Central Banking System, then helps to rebuild both sides after the war is over.  The Deep State writes environmental rules that will exact taxation that is crippling to the economies of industrialized nations, putting people out of work and weakening nation states globally.  The three wealthiest families are working together to dominate global politics and continuously work towards one-world government.  The Illuminati—with their mark of the Eye of Providence—are still with us, even if they are active primarily within groups they have infiltrated.  This is a reference to the 13 Illuminati bloodlines that coöperate to run the New World Order.  The keystone is an important symbol of the Freemasons, all of whom believe in a supreme being, with many high-degree members being Satan worshipers.  The Q Team believes Satan does exist, and that many elites, even if they do not believe in Satan, find the idea powerful in their lives, due to the Satanic beliefs of their friends.  This needs to be understood, because the Deep State puppet masters are worshipers of Satan.  A cult is a group of believers in a deity or a devil into which one must typically be initiated; such groups are often difficult, if not impossible, to leave, once they have been joined.  Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, named Little Saint James (but often referred to as Lolita Island), is an evil place where Satanic Ritual Abuse occurs.  There is a temple on Lolita Island, which can be used for performing Satanic rituals.  Epstein’s Satanic temple is situated atop a mountain, because the temple was built to function as the entrance to a network of tunnels leading to chambers below, several levels deep.  The same owl adorns this temple as is used at the Bohemian Grove as a stand-in for Moloch; children are sacrificed in effigy at the Grove on what is known as the “Great Owl of Bohemia.” Members of the families already specifically mentioned, as well as the members of other Illuminati bloodlines, have visited Epstein’s Lolita Island.  It has been widely reported—although not in the Deep State-controlled media—that Vladimir Putin has said, “The New World Order worships Satan.”

[*Update to Q Drop of November 11th, 2017: One side of the triangle mentioned above, it should be pointed out, has been taken out of commission by Trump and the Patriots.  Muhammad bin Salman has made a deal with Trump that entails the stoppage of child sex trafficking through Saudi Arabia.  As a by-product of this, the marriage age for young girls has even been raised to 15 years of age.  The Saudis are also backing up Israel, of late, which is new under Trump’s presidency.  There was a good reason Trump made Saudi Arabia his first foreign trip.  The Deep State has tried, but failed, to disrupt Trump’s efforts to keep up his end of the bargain, trying to get Trump to blame the Saudis for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.]


Child Sacrifice Plays a Role in Satanic Worship

Donald Trump knew there were pedophiles among the elites, but he probably was initially unaware of the true depth of their depravity.  Once he became fully initiated into the realm of awareness being shown to him by the likes of Admiral Rogers and other Patriots in the Military Intelligence Community, Trump understood that the war against the Deep State would be on a spiritual level, as well as a corporeal one, and that he would need to be outfitted with “the Armor of God” to engage in his daily combat against the Deep State.  This is why Trump has asked for, and eagerly accepted, prayers from his supporters, during his tenure as POTUS.  The Deep State-controlled Mockingbird Media have made fun of the president for his strong religious convictions, calling these prayer sessions “stunning” and “strange,” as Erin Burnett has characterized them.  In the media, of course, Judeo-Christian values are almost nonexistent, serving, as the talking heads must, an evil agenda.

Although ancient Israelites banned human sacrifice and depicted Moloch as a false god, modern Satanic worship has appropriated the imagery associated with Moloch, since Satanists use the same kinds of horned images (bulls and owls, etc.) to signify their own false “god of light”—Lucifer, whose name means “Lightbringer.”  Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who participated in a laying-on of hands prayer with Trump in the Oval Office, says Hollywood is full of Satan worshipers who commit acts of Satanic Ritual Abuse by sacrificing children and drinking their blood.  Many in the media have vigorously sought to debunk his claims.  But Howard-Browne has begun to see his statements borne out of late, by the NXIVM (say “Nexium”) sex cult revelations, coupled with the latest Q drops explaining how Hillary Clinton actually took part in such Satanic activities as receiving a blood transfusion from a young boy, having sex with a young girl, and taking part in the physical mutilation of a young girl.  (A graphic description follows; caution!: LINK to GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION; WARNING!)  Much of the evidence against the Clintons, including their involvement in crimes against children, was culled from Anthony Weiner’s laptop, after it was confiscated by the New York Police Department.  Reportedly, “[t]he footage found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop caused some of the most hardened NYPD officers to weep, vomit and seek psychological help.”  Jeffrey Epstein is intimately connected to the Clintons, having even had a hand in the founding of the Clinton Foundation.

Look for Rachel “Ray” Chandler in the News

An Anon (an anonymous poster) on 8chan posted this comment to the Q board: “Chandler = CHILD HANDLER  these people are sick!”  (“These people are sick!” is a phrase oft-repeated by Q, when posting.) Q answered this Anon by commenting on his post as follows: “If the records become unsealed much will be revealed.  Watch the news for Rachel Chandler.”  The unsealed records being referenced are those of Jeffrey Epstein that were unsealed in court recently.  In anticipation of the unsealing of Epstein’s records and his eventual arrest, Q dropped this breadcrumb back in March: “WHAT HIGH-PROFILE ‘ELITE’ PEOPLE FUND AND PROVIDE RACHEL W/ HER PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO?  WHAT IS THE STUDIO USED FOR?  WHAT IS THE STUDIO REALLY USED FOR?  WHO HAS RC BEEN PICTURED WITH?  THIS GOES FAR BEYOND SPIRIT COOKING MODELS.”  Here, Q is hinting that Ray Chandler’s photography studio is not funded by profits from her photography business, nor is it really used to help beautiful young girls into a modeling or acting career.  On the surface, that is what the studio seems to be, but Chandler’s true vocation is hooking up young girls (or boys) with Hollywood studios, media elites, and DC politicians (or even, on occasion, foreign dignitaries).  The person Ray Chandler was recently pictured with was Bill Clinton.  (Paste this search, courtesy of Yippy.com, into your browser to see how popular enquiries into Rachel Chandler have become.)  The statement about her acting as a handler for these children going “beyond spirit cooking models” is a reference to the Satanic Ritual Abuse and the child sacrificeher efforts often lead to.  Many children of actors have grown up to be disturbed individuals, while many others have died prematurely as children.  What happened to these people?  (To read about Satanic Ritual Abuse, click the following link, but be warned of graphic descriptions: LINK.)



(Where there IS Light...there can BE NO Darkness!!!

Dark - to - Light )



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Who Is Paul Dowling?

Paul Dowling is an American patriot who believes that individual freedom and minority rights—that only a free republic can protect—are the linchpin of Western Civilization.  Paul has written a book on the Constitution, explaining the republican values on which it is based and how they protect against the dangers of a strictly majoritarian system of governance.  The book is called Keeping a Free Republic: Learning the Blueprint for Liberty in the Constitution & the Bill of Rights

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